Friday, August 29, 2008

It's FRIDAY!...

I'm off to the fair this weekend. Hope to have some supper fun pics to share. I believe I get an official shirt for the store this year. I have never had one in the past. I guess you have to work more than just a few weekends a month to be privileged enough to get one. *grin*

It's Friday kids, enjoy!!!

Thursday, August 28, 2008

A Day for the Ducks...

Today has been a bit rainy and seems like a perfect day for the ducks. Also, I'm guessing they are enjoying themselves, because I had to wait a good 5 minutes for the bunch that hang out on mirror lake to cross Neil Ave. at 730am this morning. They were in no hurry and I am not in the habit of running over ducks. Finally they made their happy little way across. Thank goodness there are only about 30 of them, otherwise I would have been sitting there much longer. The line of traffic behind me was annoyed, but what was I to do.

Happy Thursday!

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

How Does Your Garden Grow?...

My little "garden" is a bit insane these days. I had this tiny little patch of dirt in my back yard between the neighbors steps and my own. I decided to fill it full. Too full it turns out, I didn't estimate properly the full grown size of these plants.

The tiny patch of dirt is now over flowing with plants. It looks like a bunch of weeds.

If you look more closely, you can see I have a few green pepper plants. It's very handy to walk out the back door and grab a pepper at will.

I also have a red cherry tomato plant and a yellow grape tomato plant. They both got so tall, close to 6 foot, that the stakes could not hold them up and they fell over. I gave up and let all the tomatoes fall, but they seem to keep growing.

I also have two regular tomato plants.

Last, but not least I have 3 watermelon plants. I planted three hills and didn't think any would grow and of course all three did. I have several tiny little watermelons growing. I really hope they have time to turn out before cold weather. I planted them kinda late. I'm trying to force them to grow all in one direction toward my side of the backyard. My poor neighbors.

I planted spinach a couple of time, but no luck. Last year I did spinach in a planter box with no problems. I also planted a couple of onions and no luck there either. I think I simply have too many roots in this small space for more to grow. Next year I'll know better and plant less.

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

No Good Goes Unpunished…

I’m been waiting, waiting for the other shoe to drop. I’ve been waiting since I got the lovely blue ribbon for something shitty to happen. That’s how my life works for every good item that occurs a crappy one is soon to follow. Read past blog posts, you will see I’m not making this up. I guess this is how balance is kept in the world. Do any of you experience this?

I thought I might escape this time, but nope. I got a call this afternoon from the dentist office that did my root canal back in March. This was an emergency root canal and of course my dentist was out of the office so I had to go somewhere else to take care of the horrible pain. Months have gone by now, with a VERY slow healing tooth. I may never enjoy the use of a straw again, or at least it feels that way right now. Anyway, the dentist office calls to say I have an outstanding bill because my insurance will not pay the filling that finished the process. They will not pay because I had a crown put on this tooth 2 years ago and apparently there is a policy they will not pay on fillings to teeth that have been worked on in the past 5 years. I guess I have to get out my Delta Dental information and read the tiny ass print to find this out. How the hell was I to know this?

So the shoe dropped, just ducky!
A Twist on Chicken Fajitas...

I actually cook now and then. I tend to do experiments, some turn out really well like this one, others not so much. So, I thought I'd share in case you are bored with your meals like I have been lately.

First put some olive oil in a skillet and add sliced green peppers, onions, and mushrooms. Allow this to saute until the onions caramelize and the veggies are cooked to your taste. I like mine a bit crispy. (side note--I love these wood things from Pampered Chef.)
While the veggies are in the skillet, open a can of chicken or if you like cook a chicken breast. The can is so easy, I go that route. (Again I adore this can opener from PC, no sharp edges for me to cut myself, and I am a klutz.) Drain the water off the chicken, I always rise it with fresh water and drain again, but I don't know that you have to.

Put the chicken in the skillet with the veggies and stir. I also add salt and pepper to taste. This should cook until the chicken it hot.
While the chicken is cooking get out your tortillas. If you are in the mood for a floppy tortilla, just take it right out of the bag, I like these whole grain ones. If you like a crispy tortilla pop it under the broiler for a few moments.

Once everything is cooked to your liking, start the assembly. 1st the tortilla.

Add a small bed of fresh spinach leaves. These have a ton more nutritional value than iceberg lettuce.

Add the chicken and veggies form the skillet.

Then to finish, add a bit of blue cheese, not too much or it will over power the other flavors. Wrap and enjoy--yummers!

Monday, August 25, 2008


Sorry for the very late afternoon post. I've been busy today, with actual work, work work to not work for me. Boy, I can tell that it's almost September. It's good and it's not so great. I helped a hog farming student today, that was different to say the least. Of course, he's not in my major, but it was fun.

Nothing fun to report from the weekend. Oh except, I did see a movie with Ms. D, can't remember the name of it right now, but it was really good and the right price at the $1 movie, well $2 movie. Wanted maybe? The lead actor had lovely blue eyes.

Ok, well off to do work for me now.

Have a grand afternoon kids.

Friday, August 22, 2008

Running mate...

Obama has apparently decided on his running mate, but will not announce it until the convention. I'm crossing my fingers, doing a jig, and spinning in my chair hoping it's Hillary. As I've stated before, I'm not a huge fan of Obama. I have real concerns about his international experience or lack of and his ability to actually bring "change" (not likely any candidate really will). However, I do NOT want to see 4 more year of Bush. I know McCain is campaigning he is not Bush and is trying to distance himself from Bush, but I see 4 more years of the same if he gets into office.

However, if Obama does not choose well for his running mate, he will not get reelected. Hillary supporters like myself are on the fence. I don't want to vote for either candidate right now. For the first time since I turned 18, I am thinking of not voting. Not because I don't have an opinion, but I don't strongly support either candidate. I will vote, the political science undergrad in me will not let me not vote, but my decision would be a hell of a lot easier if Hillary was on the Democratic ticket.

A couple of days ago a woman knocked on my door and wanted to know if I was voting for Mary Jo Kilroy or one of the other guys. I told her I had not decided yet, I really hadn't thought too much about it and I would need to read where both candidates stood on issues. She also asked if I had decided on who to vote for president and I said I didn't know. Now, it's August and I don't feel I should have to know at this point who to vote for my Congress person, but I do believe I should know by now for president and I just don't. In many ways it depresses me.

Not that Obama is reading my little blog here and not that he gives a shit about my thoughts. However, if he does see it, take note Obama, there are a ton of us Hilliary supports in the same mind set. Do right by us and announce Hillary as your running mate. I will have no problems casting my vote for Obama/Clinton.

I'm just saying.

Thursday, August 21, 2008


Buttons. Phrase from a movie. Anyway, I thought I would give you a little update. Remember that Art Show on campus I entered.

Well, I got a ribbon. The blue ribbon to be exact the President's Award. Now, I have a stupid grin on my face. Yeah me.
Graduation Weekend Photos...

Thursday evening was the hooding ceremony. Ms. N became Dr. N.

The President made it official!

"I'm a Dr. now, you have to believe I'm smart."

Ms. N with the parents. I must have been a scary photographer?
Saturday was the party! Check out the chocolate fountain, tasty, very tasty.
Lou even made an appearance at the party.
Many attended the party, even these two, the future bullshitters club.
My Dad and Mr. J the current bullshitters.
Ms. P with Mr. H, check out the sand pool, clever of me to have something for the kids to do. I know I surprise myself too. Although I didn't think about the sand going everywhere. Oh well, Ms. P was good sport about her house.
Dr. N--CONGRATS and Good Luck in Iowa. Don't forget your "redneck" family and all the rest of us. *smile*

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

A Year in Pictures...

I had dinner last night with Ms. A and Ms. A, they were nice enough to take me out for a delicious meal for my birthday. This morning, I was reflecting a bit on my past year, thinking back to the birthday celebration on 07 and such. I decided a review of the past year, year in the sense of August 07 to July 08 was a good thing. (Especially since the ladies kept me out so late last night I did not get last weekends photos uploaded, but can't find my flash drive either, so oh well.)

A birthday year in photos...

August 07 saw birthday "29" with a celebration at Byrnes.

September was grand with OSU football and a visit from Ms. M.

Remember the wedding and the orange dress, sure you do.

The Pumpkin Fest was in October, yum loads and loads of pumpkin goodies.

November in Ohio means--OSU football games, including a trip to the "Big House". Oh and OSU won just in case you may have forgotten. Go BUCKS!!!!!

Lots of holiday gatherings in December. Holiday hop, dinner with the marrieds, family gatherings, and holiday lights, oh the holiday lights.

January included a bit of recovery from the holidays and and a trip to COSI. The skeleton is still a bit creepy.

Lou made his first appearance on this blog in February and now he is a regular visitor. Readers even demand his presence every now and then. (Was this the month that started my insanity? Nah, it likely started years and years ago.)

St. Paddys Day was celebrated in March of course, but photos were not taken to protect reputations. *grin* However, the "blizzard" did warrant a few photos, 15 inches at my back door.

I became famous in April! I received my official template for the Hallmark competition in April. Hard to believe the competition will finally end next month, it seems like it's been going on forever.

April was also the start of some much needed travel in my life. Seattle was wonderful! I highly, highly recommend it! Go, go now, pack your bags!

May included more great travel--Niagara, Canada and Hell, MI. Visit Niagara it really is a site all should see once or twice and of course I believe you all should go to Hell. (hehehehehe)

After months of debating, According To Alison Photography was started in June after a trip hiking gave me such grand photos I just couldn't say no. There was also some fast cars and fast boys in June. Just kidding about the cars, er boys, er...

July, the end of the birthday year, saw more travel. The Midwest in all its glory, Wisconsin and Iowa. Ms. N has chosen to take a job at the VA in Iowa and will start her new career in September.
All in all its been a grand year kids. I'm crossing my fingers the next year will be just as brilliant.

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Healthy Lifestyle...

I have to participate in so many healthy lifestyle items each year in order to receive a small discount on my health insurance every year. I figure why not, easy money to save. So, I go to the dentist twice a year or loads more this year, I get an annual physical, etc. Today, I watched an hour video during my lunch to earn a few points. I thought I would share a few small tidbits with you, in case you are attempting to lead a healthy lifestyle.

1. Fish is good for you, but shellfish is actually high in cholesterol. I did not know this.

2. You should eat 2 servings of "healthy" fish a week. I did know this, but don't really follow it and fried fish does not count, so last Thursday's meal does not count.

3. When choosing "healthier" bread, you should read the label. Choose a bread that is 100% whole wheat, bran, oat, etc., the first ingredient should be whole wheat flour, etc., and there should be at least 3 grams of fiber per slice.

So, there ya go, life long and prosper.

**due to laziness, photos from the weekend have not been downloaded from the camera, but as soon as I find my flash drive and get them downloaded, I promise to share.

Monday, August 18, 2008

Hijacker Identified...

Ok, no reason to panic, this blog will not have to shut down, the hijacker has been identified and all is well. Just in case you were concerned.
Happy Birthday to ME!

Ok, I'm a bit scared, because someone seems to have hacked into my blog and posted a happy birthday picture. Thanks for the picture, but...

Weekend update tomorrow, too high on cupcakes right now to think straight and very curious about mystery hijacking blogger.

Thanks to all who have sent birthday wishes, phoned, etc. Love ya lots.

It's great to be 25 again, and again, and again.
This blog has been hijacked for a moment....


Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Leave of Absence...

I would love to say I'm taking a leave of absence from my job, but sadly this is not the case. I am however going to take a small absence from blogging.

My sister is graduating tomorrow evening with a Dr. in front of her name. Since she is so freaking smart, I am taking a couple of vacation days and heading to Southeastern Ohio to get my fill of family. Cross your fingers I make it back by Monday with just a few scratches and no permanent scars.

I know you will miss me but enjoy your weekends and I'll see you Monday. Hopefully?!

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

The Olympics...

I want to care, I do, I realize they only come around every 4 years, but I just don't. I can't seem to make myself care. Now last night while flipping channels wasting time before going to sleep, I watched the Phelps guy win a swimming race. It was ok to watch, but I don't schedule my day around it and I find it odd that some people do.

Are you one of those people that plan your day/life around the next couple of weeks? It's ok if you do, I schedule items around OSU football, sad but true. I scheduled a photo session last night before having the OSU games in my planner and of course it is on a game day, and of course the game time has not been annoucned yet. Oh well, the price I will pay to be famous. *grin*

Monday, August 11, 2008

A Grand Early B-day Party...

The kind of last moment early birthday party was a success. I have grand friends that all turned out to have a burger, chat, and play a few games. Thanks to everyone who attended!

It all apparently was too much for Lou. Sunday morning, I went to get something from under the bathroom cabinet and found Lou hiding out. I would never have guessed Lou was intimated by a crowd. It could have been the talk of "little people", specifically a red headed one that lived on high street. Word has it, he was a real menace.

I convinced Lou to come back out and that everyone was gone. He found this tie from St. Paddy's day that made him happy. Ms. T, are you missing something?

He also found a few items folks got me for my early birthday. Now, I didn't ask for gifts, the true gifts were all the smiles and laughs, but I did appreciate these. Ms. H found the Twinings Summer Tea, can you believe it, and she got me a bag full. Twinings changed it up a bit this summer, but it is still supper tasty.

Ms. L noticed I didn't have real pans to bake my bread in, so she went and got me real one. Yeah, much easier!

One week away from my real birthday. I think next year, it should be celebrated every day of the month. Everyone game. I mean, I am only going to turn 25 once you know. *grin*

Friday, August 08, 2008

Really, Really Random Trivia…

Prep for game night kids, awaking those sleeping brain cells.

Abraham Lincoln’s favorite food was cheese. I love cheese too, it is its own food group, right.

Murmansk, in Russia, is the largest city north of the Arctic Circle. Ever been?

Keanu Reeve trained for four months with a martial arts expert before filming The Matrix (1999). That’s great, but he still can’t act.

"Lobster shift" is a colloquial term for the night shift of a newspaper staff. Really, why not graveyard shift like all other professions?

Dogs sweat through the pads of their feet. Expert dog trainer, Ms. T will vouch for this statement.

Chief Sitting Bull was originally named "Jumping Badger." I can see why he changed it.

William Howard Taft and William Henry Harrison owned cows at the White House. I bet the grass was well fertilized.

Star Trek's Mr. Spock had green skin because of traces of copper and nickel in his blood. Just in case you were wondering.

Chalk is made from tiny plankton fossils. Ick, sounds gross and I just used chalk yesterday.

Since its first appearance in 1912, OREO Chocolate Sandwich Cookies have reigned supreme as being the number one selling cookie in America. Everyone loves an Oreo Cookie. Can’t you just hear the song in your head.

Joseph C. Gayetty of New York City invented toilet paper in 1857. THANK YOU Joseph!!!!!

A cluster or bunch of bananas is called a hand. Individual bananas are called fingers. If I have to eat a banana, it is best in a mini muffin format.

Americans consume more than 353 million pounds of turkey during National Turkey Lovers' Month (June). By comparison, more than 675 million pounds of turkey will be consumed at Thanksgiving. Who know there was a National Turkey Lovers’ Month?

Did I not warn you it was really random trivia? Are your cells awake? Are you ready for that game night?

You are a lean, mean trivia machine!

Happy, Happy FRIDAY!!!!!!

Thursday, August 07, 2008

10 Random Items About Me…

We all know the world does revolve around me so why not have specific items all about me. *grin* Some you may know, some you may not.

1. My new favorite summer drink is Twinnings Lady Grey Iced Tea. I love the Twinnings Summer Blend, but can’t find it this summer. If you find it, please let me know where, I do miss it. I’m too cheap to order it online and pay the shipping.

2. I have converted to Puffs Plus with Lotion. I didn’t like the lotion part at first, but now, all my tissues must be Puffs and preferable ones with lotion.

3. I believe all toilet tissue rolls should pull from the front down. From the back down is just wrong, go fix your roll now!

4. I still read Pioneer Woman daily, I don’t want her life, but she amuses me.

5. I have decided, I do want a child, just one. I want to see how much therapy it will need.

6. I have enough debt for 5 people, yet, I seem to spend more and more money on hobbies.

7. I ate a baked potato for lunch.

8. I am not going to win the Hallmark contest, but it was awesome to see a card I created actually printed.

9. I still have not found my passport and have resolved to get a new on in September. I have to pay for car tags in August, ick! Hello birthday, goodbye money.

10. There are two dipping sauces for french fries in my world, tarter sauce or honey. Tasty!

Wednesday, August 06, 2008

Get On the Express...

Last night I went to a sneak preview of the new movie Pineapple Express. I went into the movie with few expectations. I have to tell you, I was delightfully surprised. It is one of the funniest movies I have seen in a long time. A-

You must take the time to go see this movie. You will find yourself grinning, giggling, and laughing through the entire movie. It is extremely well written and the actors fit the parts exactly. You will likely need to watch the movie more than once to get all of the dialogue because you will be laughing through too much of it. Go, watch Pineapple Express, you will enjoy it even if your favorite holiday is not 4/20.

The Fair and all It's Glory...

The fair always offers a variety of events to observe. This cute retriever was part of an educational show on working dogs. Some day, one day, I'll have a golden retriever, some day.

Of course time was spent in the hog building

Kids were trying to impress the cattle judge also
My poor Dad, he has been wanting this slicer for the past, oh 10 years, every year, he has to stop and watch the demo. Now, begin a great daughter, I got him the same thing, basically from Pamper Chef for Christmas. However, it has a safety blade and he doesn't like it as well. Maybe one day, if he keep wish'en upon a star he'll have the one he wants.
This is the "big boar". His name is Grizzly and the photo really does not show the size of this guy, you can find him in the hog barn.
An old tradition, the Lumberjack show. It's always good for a grin.
Of course one of the guys on the log roll competition has to go down
And indeed one did
This mother was protective of her babe
The babe, kinda cute in a cow way
The Butter Cow-a staple of the State Fair
The Butter Cow and the church on 75 outside of Cinci, inspired the "Big Butter Jesus" song
Gotta love cheese, diary, and the fair.

The State Fair is a tradition with my family. The fair used to run longer and it would be going on during my birthday. Every year for my birthday I would get to go to the State Fair and ride down the big slide. I LOVED the big slide. I would also get to pick out my State Fair t-shirt for that year. It was all a delightful treat. Now, the fair is still tradition, but the line for the slide to too long to bother with any longer and now I hate t-shirts that have dates on them. However, I still enjoy the fair, the ice cream, and most of all the people watching...oh how excellent people watching.