Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Martian Child...

I got a sneak peek at this movie last night. I HIGHLY recommend it. Not alone does it star John Cusack, but is a wonderful heart felt movie. Beware, tissues might be required. The movie is out in theatres this weekend, I do believe.

Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Thank You...

For Smoking. I watched this movie on DVD last night. Thank You for Smoking was a fun, sarcastic look at big tobacco. Extremely well written, one can't help by smile through out the movie. It's not really a laugh out loud movie, more of a grin and eye roll at the reality of the world of government, lobbyist, and big tobacco. If you missed it in the theatres and enjoy dry, sarcastic humor, I highly recommend you take the time to watch.

Monday, October 29, 2007

I Did It...

I had this goal of not turning the heat on in my house until November, but last night, I just couldn't hold out, I had to be warm. I was watching the news and the talking head on the t.v. was telling me it was going to get down in the 20's last night. I had on a sweatshirt, sweatpants, and was covered in a blanket and still cold while watching the forecast and the impending 20 degree temps made me colder. So, I did it, I turned the heat on last night. It was sooooo nice, it took the dampness out of the air and I woke up this morning to the soft purr of the heat kicking on and smiled, and I do not smile that early in the morning. I took a few quick moments this morning to sit on top of the register and absorb as much of the warmth as I could. I haven't done this in years; my last couple of apartment the vents were on the ceiling. I was enjoying this small pleasure of warm toes. Ahhhh, warm toes. So, I'm sure my heating bill will crazy, but I just don't care. I'm entitled to warm toes, right?

Friday, October 26, 2007

The Challenge—Week 2 Weigh In…

It’s a close race.

*Me...-1---------Total -3
*Ms. D...-2—---Total -3
*Ms. N...+2—--Total -1
*Ms. M...-3-----Total -3
*Mr. B...0-------Total -3
*Ms. A...-1------Total -1
*Mr. D...-1------Total -3
*Ms. B...-1------Total -1

Denise Austin suggests eliminating these 4 types of food from your diet.

1. Fried frozen: Fried shrimp, french fries, fish sticks, onion rings, etc
2. Frozen fat: Pizza, frozen foods loaded with cheese, meat, and fats.
3. Snack attack: Crackers, potato chips, and tortilla chips.
4. Sweets: Cookies, candies, and cakes (even the nonfat ones)

Keep up the good work and Happy FRIDAY!!!!

Wednesday, October 24, 2007

The Pumpkin Fest Part II…
Insert random photos from festival here
This year makes 101 years for the that really possible?
King of the pumpkins-weighing in at 1524.5 pounds, that's 24,384 ounces
Pumpkin Tower, dare ya to climb to the top
The mini pumpkins did not want to be left out--MINI Tower of Pumpkin--no climbing please
Show-Off, I could carve like this too, IF I wanted

Tuesday, October 23, 2007

The Walls are Crying…

Picture it…Sicily, 1945...or not, try 4am, I am startled out of bed by a ping, ping, ping. I assume this sound is the ceiling fan and it has shifted enough to create this annoying noise that has awoken me. I stumble to the spared bedroom in the dark of the early morning hours to find the box fan, move it to the master bedroom and turn it up as high as possible to drown out that annoying ping, ping, ping. 6:30am-alarm goes off, I can hear that ping, ping, ping. Barely awake, I struggle to make it to the shower to begin my morning routine to make it to work by 7:30am. More awake, but craving that morning coffee, yet to be brewed in my office later. I turn on lights in the master bedroom and my wall is crying. Water is just running down the wall onto the edge of my bed. The bed is soaked, the wall has a big bubble of water just waiting to burst, and I can hear that ping, ping, ping in the ceiling. Liek Shera, Princess of Power, I jump into action, pulling the bed away from the wall and moving everything else out. I put down a plastic bag and a couple of towels and called the landlord. As, I finish getting ready for work, I think to myself—This!—This is way I rent! Good Times.

And you thought there were going to be more pumpkin pics today—maybe tomorrow.

Monday, October 22, 2007

Pumpkin Fest…

The Circleville Pumpkin Festival was this past week. The small town of Circleville was packed to the gills with pumpkin enthusiasts (me included). A leisurely drive through the country side lead me from St. Route 37 over to St. Route 22 and bam, I was surrounded by pumpkin items galore-everything from crafts to food, and even a couple of pumpkin hats, yikes!

Look at me, I make an adorable scarecrow--off with you crows. heehee

Literally, there was pumpkin everything-ah it was a short visit to heaven.

The woman in this booth, keep yelling, we are almost out, get them now. We walked past a couple of time and she was "almost out" both times, hummmm.
I should have gotten some of this to bring home!
Ah, they were tasty, a sloppy joe really, but very good.
More pumpkin food
Tasty!I had these two years ago, very yummy!
These were the best thing at the entire festival!!!!

See, this is the one I had---I can still taste it's pumpkin goodness!
No stresses, for those who are not pumpkin fans, but then why would you go to a pumpkin festival, but I digress.

Thursday, October 18, 2007

The Challenge 1st Weight In...

Drum Roll Please...The Challengers have all reported and the results are promising.

*Ms. D...-1
*Ms. N...-3
*Ms. M...+1
*Mr. B...-3
*Ms. A...0
*Mr. D...-2
*Ms. B...0

A couple of tips to the challengers to stay motivated.

1. According to workout experts, if you divide you 30 minute a day workout into three 10 minutes sessions you are still making a different. Get you heartbeat up and it the most out of those 10 minutes.

2. Got kids, put them in the stroller and take a walk, it's autumn and still very nice outside. Don't have kids--good for you, heehehheee--Go for a walk with a friend, a mile long walk goes twice as fast when you are discussing your day.

3. Avoid the two big no, no's in your food--Partially Hydrogenated Oils and High Fructose Syrups.

Keep up the great work!!!

Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Random Siting...

Yesterday my office was a sauna. Today my office was a sauna. I needed an escape. I was a swollen fingers, sweaty palms, questions my deodorant choice mess by the time lunch came around. I needed an escape, a fresh breath, a cool breeze gently tickling my cheek. I retreated to the outdoors for the lunch break. Ah, I walked out into bliss. A light drizzle was falling from the skies and I found my cool breeze. As I was taking a short stroll outside, a young ladies t-shirt caught my eye. "I'm the fast woman your mother warned you about." Why would a young lady wear such a a thing? Of course, I must tell you I had to read fast as this young lady was on a solid sprint as she buzzed right past me. I guess if you can run that fast, then yeah, the shirt works. :)

Friday, October 12, 2007

Autumn is in the Air…

It’s a brilliant 50 degrees out right now, with a very lite breeze. Ah, take a moment...autumn has finally reached us. It’s finally football weather. Below are a few autumn pics from this past weekend.

A willow-my favorite-it's just so peaceful

I'll admit photoshop helps a bit, the colors were not as rich in the original, but hey if modern technology exists, I say use it.
Although, there is one modern technology thing I hate, that's auto-checkouts at the grocery. ICK! I have a issue every time I have to use one. Oh, but back to the wonderful autumn colors.

Happy Friday!

Thursday, October 11, 2007

The Challenge Is On…

The 8 challengers are

*Ms. D
*Ms. N
*Ms. M
*Mr. B
*Ms. A
*Mr. D
*Ms. B

Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Challenge & Are You Kidding Me?...

There are currently 8 people signed up for the challenge. I have a few that are thinking and have allow them to let me know by tomorrow. Did everyone remember to weight in this morning? If not, not a bother, please do so tomorrow morning. I will try to do weekly email reminders. I will post the results each week on Thursday, I understand not everyone has access to a computer during the day.

So this morning, I was so tired. I did get up weighted in-same number it's been for a couple of months now and attempted to get ready for work. I'm all set, work bag in had, phone, keys, lock door, walk out. WHAT! No keys, my "keys" were my sunglasses, which at 7:10am I didn't need, but thought I might for the drive home. The house is locked up like Fort Knox, how am I going to get in to get keys to get to work by 7:30am? Don't panic, wake up, clear mind. Call Ms. H, see if can catch a ride if can't get car keys. Ms. H-the doll she is, says of course. I call the landlord, he actually answers, I walk down get the key, and get off to work. I feel like idiot, but oh well. I have to return the key this afternoon and not lock myself out again. My old apartment was idiot proof, but this one, not so much! Are you kidding me?!

Tuesday, October 09, 2007


While at my parents this past weekend, I took out my trusty camera and did some snapping. As, I was doing this and made sure Dad did wreck the Bob the Builder Tool, I just keep thinking--these are the days of their lives.

These are guineas if you have never seen one before. They create this horrible, wrenching noise morning, noon, and night. My Mom loves them and I guess they do eat a few bugs, but oh that noise, it's unbearable.

Spring was in the air a bit as this small but growing chick was following it's mother around the yard. I'm not a fan of chickens either, they are great with buffalo sauce, but the rosters drive me crazy with their crowing at 4am.
Aren't they Hams?! Heeheee--just a few of the porkers around the place. They don't bother me as much, they smell a bit, but otherwise leave you alone-well unless you are trying to move them then they are just a pain in the ass. Pigs don't seem to have a problem going up a step, but boy it's like pulling teeth to get them to go down a step.
Max was a bit jealous I was following all the other critters around and not taking his photo. Max is a lovely chocolate newfoundland. He still has a ton of puppy in his two year old body.
Alas, after the insanity outdoors, I retreat to inside and find the lovely Mags playing with her favorite toy-milk jug rings.
I grew up in this place, but boy I just don't think I could return. I wouldn't mind a nice place just outside of the city with a really big backyard so I could have a golden retriever and of course bring Mags back home.
Happy Tuesday Kids!

Monday, October 08, 2007

Bob the Builder Tool...

Saturday morning very early-5am hardly awake, but trying, I began my weekend. I drove to my parents store where they were holding their annual Customer Appreciation Sausage Fry. This is the one day where my Mom grills up pounds and pounds and pounds of sausage to serve their loyal customers and a few others. The work day complete, I head to my parents house and take part in an excavating project. My Dad decided there were trees on the other side of their driveway that needed to go. My job was basically to watch and make sure he did kill himself on the machine or if he did to get help quickly, this and move stuff out of his way and entertain Max (the dog).

Dad on the Bob the Builder tool

No tree is safe

Now, why he decides to put the trees in the driveway, I have no idea, but eventually the driveway gets cleared again

Excavating complete, trees are gone, grass seed to be applied at another date

Also, for those who are interested. There are currently 4 participants in the challange.

Thursday, October 04, 2007

Weight Loss Challenge...

I'm a putz, did you see me in that dress? Ok, so obviously I need to loose some weight, but can not seem to find the motivation on my own. I have a proposal. I propose a weight loss challenge and I think money would be a strong motivator. (And I'm borrowing the idea from a few other places) I envision it working like this. First weight in will be next Wednesday morning (Oct. 10), this will be the base weight to start the loss number from. Now, I do not want anyone to tell me how much they weight, this will be based on the honor system. Every Wednesday after Oct. 10 however, please email the pounds lost for the previous week -in whole number no 2.2's please. I will report the totals lost each week with only Ms. A's or Mr. A's. The last weight in will be November 21, right before Thanksgiving. This will give us 6 weeks of solid motivation, it is said that it only takes 3 weeks for form a habit. The winner will have a nice pot of holiday spending money. Everyone who is interested in participating will email me at my personal account to let me know you are in. The entry fee is $20. Hold on to your $20 and once the winner is determined, the cash will go to them. Please let your friends and family members know about the challenge, the more people participate the larger the pot.

Ok-so if you don't think this is a silly idea, again email me by Oct. 10, 7am to let me know you are in!

Wednesday, October 03, 2007


Halloween is just around the corner you know. Have you thought about your costume for this year? I recommend thinking about it early otherwise you might end up as a ghost in a white sheet. Now there's nothing wrong with the white sheet ghost, but see if you can be a bit more creative this year. I have a couple of ideas, but I'm not sure yet which direction I will go.

Happy Costume Planning!

Tuesday, October 02, 2007


What is the deal with the MDA “lockup”? I have been getting emails for two weeks from co-workers begging that I donate money so they can get out of “lockup”. Ok-so I give to charity every now and then. I take on my own projects to help my fellow mankind. However, I say leave ‘em locked up, at least until they come up with a better idea. Good grief, I don’t know these people, why do I care if they are “locked up”. They aren’t even “locked up” they will be spending a work day at the Eddy George Grill, well I say lock me up too. I’ll take a day away from my desk and spend the day chatting with people at a restaurant. I just don’t get it, if someone can explain it, please feel free.

Monday, October 01, 2007

Finally....the Dress...

My very good friend from college, Ms. T got married this weekend. She married Mr. J in Urbana Saturday in a lovely small church. There were 4 bridesmaids and 4 groomsmen, along with a host of family and friends. I'm so terribly happy for the both of them, the bride was so excited, I'm surprised she didn't pee her pants (a very Ms. T phrase). The reception that followed was delightful with some of the best wedding food and cake I've ever had. The meal was buffet style with options of pulled pork, chicken, potatoes, green beans, carrots, broccoli cold slaw, regular cold slaw, and bread. The cake was delightful, a multi-layer cake of chocolate, strawberry, and banana. Yes, banana-and I was a bit skeptical of the banana, not a big fan of bananas, but it tasted like banana bread with chocolate icing--Yumm!! Due to being in the wedding, I don't have a nice photo of the bridal party, but below are a few photos from the event. I had my doubts about the sea of orange, but I have to say it worked. Drum Roll Please...

Me in the dress, I think this is before I caught my heal on the hem and ripped worries it was not noticed by the bride and should not show in any of the professional photos
The bride and me...right before this photo, I commented that her boobs were right in my face--she thought I said, "Put your boobs in my face"--what, why would I say that, but let me tell you I became very acquainted with her girls. Mr. J will enjoy, I'm sure.
The bride and Ms. A-aren't they darling
Ms. D, Ms. T, and me at the reception-poor Ms. T had a cold for her wedding day and by this point in the evening had sucked down several cough dropped transported in my cleavage for easy access during the wedding.
The happy couple-they were so elated! Ah, they are just so flipping cute!

I hope to have more photos soon.