Friday, February 29, 2008

To the Parent Homestead...

I'm headed to my parents for the weekend. I'll get to see my Mags!

Did you wake me up?
What are you doing?
Really, you woke me for this?
Just to take my adorable picture--ok go ahead
Here let me look mysterious

Ok-I'm so over this now!

Oh and I think I may have some exciting news on Monday--maybe. Have a great weekend!


Thursday, February 28, 2008


Ms. M’s comment about coming to visit her made me think of the last time I visited Ms. M. Picture it, 2003, Ms. M and her family were living about an hour outside of London. I had just finished three months in Ireland and was on my three month travel session. I took advantage of as many free places to stay as possible. I ended up crashing at Ms. M’s for about two weeks. The entire two weeks were great. Some of the time was just spent hanging out with Ms. M, who I went to high school with and amazing through a mutual friend and the wonder of the internet had kept in contact with, but until 2003 had not really seen and spent time Ms. M in almost 10 years.

There were many great experiences from those two weeks. One that makes me smile everything I think of it and I think of it often because it does make me instantly smile, involved a trip into London. It was a Saturday morning. Ms. M, her little sister (not really little at that point, 16, I think), and Ms. M’s son (9ish, I think), and I all jumped the train into the city. We were headed for a full day of shenanigans in London. At some point we found ourselves on Portabella Road in the market, just like in the movie Notting Hill. Yes, at the time, I was even thinking where is my Hugh Grant? Is he in one of the little shops? We were walking around as three women will, window shopping and looking at all the items the street vendors had to offer. I’m not really a shopper, but in this instance you have to experience the moment and take it all in. I know we spent a good bit of time in the shoe shops. I love shoes, love them. I didn’t buy any that day, but did another time during the trip. Anyway, poor Ms. M’s son, he had done so well for a 9 year old with three women walking around shopping in the open market. However, after a few hours, he had hit his limit. He is a terribly good kid. I’m not just saying that because Ms. M will eventually likely read this blog, he really is a good kid. He is very polite and travelled on all our crazy adventures. Heck, if I was a kid in that situation, I would be in high protest, but he was a trooper.

When he hit his breaking point, he simply seemed to lag behind, not really complaining, but making his mom aware he was not having fun. Ms. M was apologetic that we might have to cut the trip a bit short. Well, I was a pre-school teacher for 3 years; I thought what can I do to help this situation. Well, I can make an ass of myself and amuse the child, then we can all continue to have a blast. In order to make the trip more fun for M. M’s son, I created a human train. I was in the lead. The market was a busy place, but we weaved in and out of people as fast as our little feet would take us. We exited the main part of the market place. Ms. M’s son was now giggling and smiling and we decided a bit of food would put us all in good spirits.

I don’t remember the restaurant we ate at, but I do remember I order chicken fajitas. I missed Mexican, even Mexican American food desperately when I was in Europe. They don’t really have it too many places. I remember the fajitas were very tasty and we all enjoyed a nice meal off of Portabella Road.

Again, this is not the most adventurous story ever, but it’s one that for some reason makes me very happy. I’ve been very negative the last few days and this nice story is a good way to turn this around. So, thanks, Ms. M for reminding me of this moment in time this morning. Oh and I am coming to visit you, just need a long weekend or will use some vacation time this summer. You can’t escape me, I need a tour guide for DC, you know I’ve never been there. This is super sad because I was Poli Sci undergrad major.

One more day until FRIDAY!!!!

Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Have I blogged about this before?...

If you drive a white ford bronco don’t participate in a police chase, it’s cliché. If you drive a white Lincoln Navigator, which is where original thought was, learn to park the stupid thing. Every day I park in the parking garage, yes I pay a ridiculous amount of money every year, but that extra 15-20 minutes of sleep in the morning are very valuable to me. Every day I see these large SUV’s attempt to pull into the parking spaces and just barely fit and then they are in another space most of the time or their passenger side is so close to the car next to them, when that person returns to their car they better be a size 0 or they will have to crawl through their passenger side to actually get back into their cars. I feel that there should be larger parking spaces on the top 2 levels of the parking garage and the SUV’s should have to park in those spots. Please don’t penalize me because I drive a small economy car. I don’t completely understand why people feel they need these large SUV’s. Unless you have a family of 5 or more you should not even think about it. I have the same complaint about large trucks in the parking garage; they should have their own floor up with the SUV’s. Again, unless you are pulling a trailer or hauling bricks or straw or sticks to build your home, you don’t need that big of a truck. I can’t see when I’m backing out of my space. Is the owner of that large truck going to pay for the damage when I back out into someone, no, no that’s all on me. I do feel a bit differently about the smaller ones, the RAV 4, Santa Fe’s, extra. These are not nearly as monstrous and I can see if you transport a lot of items regularly in your vehicle or you are in need of a vehicle that sits slightly higher off the ground. I’m getting old, I will soon need a car that does not sit so close to the ground, but I don’t have a family of 5 and likely will never, so a Lincoln Navigator is not something I need. A smaller Santa Fe, maybe.

I really wanted to stop this morning and ask the dumbass woman:
1. How the owner of the car next to her was expected to get in?
2. Did she have a family of 5 or more?

I feared there would not be an answer for number one and that the answer to number two would be that no she had a family of three. Her precious Emily made the cheerleading squad in her freshman year this year and isn’t that just great. I knew I couldn’t handle that, so I cringed a little, bit my lip and travelled silently to my office.

I then realized I had forgotten my chap stick today. Crap! I have a couple of them and I just got a new one I really like and since Mother Nature refuses to listen to my pleas, I need it. I will be forced to suffer all day without. In addition our main system is down right now and I can do very little work. This time I actually have an excuse.

Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Is it Over Yet?...

Seriously, I’m a so so so so done with winter. It’s snowing again, again! There are massive flakes, thousands of them. I need, need 60 degree weather. I feel like this is the longest month ever. I wouldn’t even know it was snowing except I went to the ladies room and noticed it out a window in a classroom. My little bunker here doesn’t allow me access to the outside world. I’m closed in! Of course in the event Tornado Todd went through I’d likely be safe and typing away because again I wouldn’t even know it was coming.

It’s been a crappy few days here at the job homestead. I was hoping Friday’s events would be over when I came back Monday, but nope and they are still brewing. Office politics is part of the problem. The other part is the lead is not doing their job and is allowing stupid crap to run amuck. I did some job searching yesterday, but nothing too appealing. I figure if I’m going to leave where I’m at, it is going to have to pay more. I know what crap I have deal with here and most of the time I actually love my job, the crap I know about is likely better than the crap I don’t. I have this fear, this is going to be a life long issue for me. I’ll have a year in here at the end of March. I need a bit of constant change. I fear I will always be moving from job to job. I friend suggested I move to the private sector. I just don’t know that I have the dog eat turtle world mentality that the private sector requires.

Ok, I’m done, done bitching and back to working. But seriously, if you have an “in” with Mother Nature, can you tell her to cut it out?

Monday, February 25, 2008

Hi Kids...

Friday was a bad day, bad day as far as the work world. It ended well with pizza and pints at Byrne's and a bit of live music. You just can't beat pizza through a mini hole in the wall. I also view it as training for St. Pats.

Here is your official invite, make a point of making yourself there!

Thursday, February 21, 2008

Thursday Random Ramblings…

I noticed a sign the other day on my way to work. Since it’s cold I haven’t been carrying my camera with me because I don’t want it to freeze in these February temps and shattering into hundreds of billions of bitty pieces. Today, I took my camera with me, left a few moments early to head to work so I could get a picture of this random sign and of course the sign had changed. I have no proof for you, but let me tell you the little fish and chips place at the end of my street had the sign up…We Know Lent. I laughed out loud the first time I saw it, it just struck me funny, and I might add I don’t tend to laugh at anything early in the morning on my drive to work. I barely grumble a hello to my co-workers before I have some morning coffee. Now the sign has something about accepting visa cards. I have never eaten at this place, the smell of the grease and oil is a big turn off. Also, I LOVE seafood, but am not really much of a fan of fish. Everyone once is a while a nice fishtail sandwich is fine, but give me crab, scallops, or shrimp any day. One day I’ll make it to the east coast and have fresh from the ocean sea food. I did have really good seafood in Europe. Oh and I bet I can get good seafood in Seattle in April. YEAH! Just one more bonus to my trip!

I love things like Pop Tarts (Blueberry or Brown Sugar Cinnamon), mac & cheese, goldfish, and m&m’s. I have the diet of a 5 year old, but the metabolism of a 32 year old. Yikes! I did eat like an adult last night. The girls and I went to Cheesecake Factory for Ms. A’s birthday that was last week. The meal was so tasty and of course I had to get cheesecake to go. Yum!

The singer
Elvis Costello was born Declan Patrick McManus. He was born in London, England. He wrote the song Alison.

Carry on with your day now. :)

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Tuesday Trials…

My Tuesday issues really started Monday evening. I went to a movie with Ms. D last night. We ended up seeing PS: I love You at the $1 movie which is now $1.50, still much better than paying full price for a movie, but everything is increasing in price except of course my salary. Anyway, the movie was really good. However, it was so freaking depressing. If you need a movie to allow yourself a good tear fest, this is one for the books, it’s right up there with An Affair To Remember. It was double depressing for me, if that’s really a term. The story line was a downer and then part of the movie is set in Ireland with people with Irish Accents, so that was depressing in that I haven’t been there in ages and don’t see it happening any time soon. The cost is just too much right now. The flight alone is crazy and then the Euro is so beyond the dollar it’s scary. I do however recommend the movie, just be sure to make your investment in Puffs before you begin viewing.

We exited the movie and found ourselves in a skating rink. Sometime during the two hours of the movie a somewhat blustery day had turned into frozen tundra of thin ice everywhere. It took double the time it should have for Ms. D to take me back to my car and then the same 15-20 mile an hour trip from my car to my apartment. Ms. D spent the night at Le Alison because her hour drive home would have taken 3 likely and there was no guarantee you could stop on the ice.

This morning was no different. A sheet of ice still lay on the roads, I’m guessing Columbus just doesn’t have the budget or give a crap about my part of town to put down any salt or brine or kitty litter. I attempted to stop at one point and began a nice spinning action. Lucky there were no cars in the opposite lane and a side street that I some how turned my spin into a turn and recovered. I made it to my humble office of course after slowly making my way from my parking space. This university and it’s lack of maintenance during the winter just amuses me now because otherwise I would get very pissed off and start ranting to Gee that he needs to either hire more people and get off his happy ass and make the campus moveable. I only have a short distance to maneuver before I can reach my office. Students and many other staff have to travel long distances to reach where they need to be. It’s no wonder I saw two students last week on crutches. I can’t imagine trying to deal with those during this weather and getting across this campus. I had crutches a few times in high school, bad ankles, but man never had to deal with traveling a lot with them.

So, I really just wanted to praise the movie and complain about the roads and the condition of travel--now go start your Tuesday.

Monday, February 18, 2008

She’s Got a Ticket to Ride…

Seattle here I come. Well, in April. It's a few weeks away, but I just bought my plane ticket. I’ll be gone from Wednesday to Sunday. Very exciting, I’m sure many pictures will be taken. It will be my first trip outside of Ohio since 1985, ok more like 2004, but really 2004 was forever ago. Oh and MI and WV do not count.

Fun filled weekend, but nothing too exciting to report, unless you count throwing bales of straw exciting. I do not.

Friday, February 15, 2008

I survived…

I survived Valentine’s Day, even got a few nice flowers. It’s been a zoo here today and my brain is fried, sorry, that’s all you get today.

More on Monday, HAPPY FRIDAY!

Thursday, February 14, 2008

Happy Valentine's Day!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Random Wednesday Stuff...

Sccccccccccaaaaaaaaaaaaaapppppppp, SSSSSSSSSSccccccccrrrrraaaaaaaappppppppp, Scrap, scarp, scrap, sssssssssssssccccccccrraaaaaaaap. This was to be heard all over the neighborhood this morning. These are the sounds of winter in Ohio. The lovely snow was not so lovely when covered with a layer of ice this morning. I was one of the lazy ones funding the oil tycoons. I let my car heat up for a long time and melt the ice, I was not in the mood to stand in the cold and scrap off my car.

While in the ladies room this morning, I drink a lot of coffee and water, I noticed the paper dispenser had the brand name Scott printed all over it. I’ve never really noticed this before, but I had the thought…if you were a woman who just broke up with a man named Scott and you didn’t really want the break up, boy that would be a crappy thing to have to look at every time you went to the ladies room.

While driving to work this morning people were using all means possible to clean the winter crap off their cars. One (student I’m guessing) was using his college id to scrap. Now, I don’t think this is the best idea, it’s $15 to replace it and wouldn’t it be better to just let you car warm up a bit?

I love these tortilla chips with a hint of lime. I’m having a few right now for lunch; they are so tasty and will likely make the final list for the St. Pats party.

Last night I saw my first political campaign commercials for Clinton and Obama. Obama had a few, but he has more money right now. It’s great; this means my vote is important again, I’m important. Well, ok not me, but Ohio. I didn’t see any Republican ads; they may not be focused on Ohio just yet. According to a somewhat reliable source (heheehe) Clinton’s daughter was on campus this morning and Clinton herself will be on campus tomorrow night. I would like to go, but I don’t think that will happen. Mom, stop reading for just a moment. Did you stop? Well if you didn’t, I tried to warn you, I have a date. Yes a date, can you image. So, this will take precedence over seeing Clinton and I’m sure she will be back in Ohio many times in the next few weeks. I may never have another date again. Priorities people, priorities.

My poor Mom, I never really tell my parents when I’m going out with a guy. I just don’t see the point, it’s likely the dating will only last a month or two and then its over, so really why drag them into it. Love ya Mom and now you know, yes I date, and well you found out about Steve because I landed myself in the hospital. One day I’ll tell you about my first date with Steve, but not today. Oh and just so you know, no the date is not with Steve, he is gone, just like so many of the others. Although I will make two observations and these may be just random but I find it interesting. I seem to date guys with the same name. 2 Matt’s, 3 Chris’s, ok well so I guess it’s just two names, but really, I think that’s odd. I also seem to date guys who have birthdays on holidays. 2 on New Years Eve, yes two and with the same name, weird. 1 on Cinco de Mayo and yes it’s a holiday, good grief with the growing Hispanic population I don’t see how you even question this. On top of that it’s a reason to drink margaritas until you hurl. Hehee. Oh and 1 birthday on Valentine’s Day, which happens to be the one tomorrow. That’s right kids tomorrow is Valentine’s Day. I’m focusing on the fact it’s his birthday and not the fact that it happens to also be Valentine’s Day.

Ok well enough for right now, I think I’ve spilt enough beans for one day.

Happy, Happy, Joy, Joy…Wednesday.

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Who is Lou?...

Well I took the time to do a brief interview with Lou, below is our conversation-well you know.

So Lou, where are you from?
I hail from the lovely country of Ireland.

What part of Ireland are you from?
I am from County Kerry to be exact. I spent most of my childhood in Killarney, but moved to Dingle in my late teens.

What do you love about County Kerry?
I love driving around the Ring of Kerry, but it does make me a bit car sick.

So what is your favorite Irish drink?
I enjoy a nice pint of Murphey's or Kilkenny. I also like an Irish Whiskey now and then.

Do you have a favorite food?
Ah, I love scones, plain, with a bit of butter or jam, I love me some scones.

What is your favorite holiday?
Well, St. Patrick's Day of course.

I may press Lou for more information later, but I think this gives us a brief overview of what makes Lou, Lou. (Oh and to Sleepy Scott--of course I had to help Lou with the tasting of the snack, he was feeling a bit stuffed.)

Monday, February 11, 2008

Fun Weekend...

So did you have a good weekend? I did!

I spent Friday at my parent's place playing with Maggie and eating cake. My Mom's the best, she made a cake since I was going to be there for dinner, isn't that the best. Saturday I was up with the rosters and off to the mill to work. It turned out to be a bit of a slow day so I was allowed to leave a bit early and head back to the big city.

I went out to dinner at the Starliner Diner, I had never been but it was very tasty. Then headed to Byrnes for a pint and Irish music. Ah how I love the Irish music. Speaking of which, mark your calendars kids, there will be a party at my humble little place on March 15th in honor of St. Patrick. It's a couple of days early but I have to work on Monday and likely you do too.

Lou has been doing prep work for the party...

He's been calling friends working out details

Listening to music from the home country

Reading Recipes, thinking about a possible party menu

Trying out snacks to make sure they will be suitable for a party

He's been spending a lot of time looking at pictures from the home country, missing it so.

Ok, so I had some free time on my hands Sunday while doing laundry.

Friday, February 08, 2008

I need…

I need a lot of stuff:
mental health (am I wrong?),
ice cream (always),
cake (LOVE birthday cake),
flowers to brighten my office (they would simply be a nice touch),
sleep (I can never get enough these day, too many late nights and early mornings-when did 11:30pm/12am become late?),
spelling lessons (spell check is not allowed during Scrabble games),
a light bulb for my desk lamp (I killed two in 3 months, one is now fixed the other is slumped over in shame),
well the list could go on and on, but I’ll leave it as is for right now.

The item I recently discovered I need is a scanner for my computer.

I was ruffling through some old photos the other day, actually they are still in piles in my living room, some day they will make it back to their allotted space. I found some great old pictures. I need a scanner to share them with my blog viewing audience. These pictures are too good to be sitting in a box only to be riffled through once very 4 years. I had a great conversation with Robin Williams about world affairs and someone thought to snap a photo. I feel I need to share this with the public along with all the others, so hence forth, I need a scanner. Ok, so it’s not likely I’ll get a scanner any time soon, so I may have to take a picture of the picture to see if they will turn out and create an electronic version that way.

If anyone has a random scanner sitting in their hall closet and you want someone to take it off your hand, you look me up. (due to free trade policies only working scanners excepted) heehheheheheh

IT’S FRIDAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Thursday, February 07, 2008

39 Days...

Can you believe it? 39 days until St. Patricks Day. I have a feeling there will be many posts in the next few weeks geared toward this glorious holiday. It's my favorite next to Christmas. If only more people put up green lights on their homes for St. Pats then it would be my favorite, but I love Christmas lights so it edges out St. Pats by just a bit.

Think green people and check your calendars for March 15th, I think there might be a party that day.

He's coming out to play soon...

Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Shaky Leg Syndrome…

I suffer from the shaky leg syndrome. It gets really bad if I’m nervous or hyped up on sugar or caffeine. This morning I’m full of caffeine and sugar.

I was startled from a cozy sleep this morning around 2am by an intense storm. It sounded like the rain and wind were going to break right through my windows. I had to get up and check the street, it tends to retain water (much like I do when Aunt Flow comes to visit) when there is a hard rain all at once. I don’t park near that section of the street most of the time because of an unfortunate experience on the same street years ago with a different car. My car was fine, there was more wind than rain so no flooding.

However, I was doom, I could not seem to fall back asleep, the noise was so loud. I laid there for ages, and then finally must have fallen asleep and turn off my many alarms and woke up at a lovely 7:12am. I’m technically supposed to be sitting at my desk at 7:30am. I did a quick gathering of cloths, did a mini shower, and raced for the door. However, I knew I was not going to survive the morning without some good coffee. I have this stuff in my office right now that I’m not real keen on, it’s almost gone, so I’m waiting it out. I ended up stopping at what might be my new fav coffee place, Cup O Joe, and lucked out. The flavored coffee of the day was… cinnamon hazelnut, one of my favs. So off I headed to my office coffee and scone in hand. Now here I sit, typing 10000 words per minute because of crazy sugar and caffeine and my leg is propelling enough energy to take flight.

In other news, yesterday was also Fat Tuesday in addition to Super Tuesday. Did you celebrate, eat loads of great food? I did! I had a lovely spinach linguine with a creamy cheese sauce topped with grilled chicken and button mushrooms. YUM!!!!!!! This was only to be topped off with a nice piece of tiramisu, another fav. I had dinner out, if you can’t tell, this would not happen in my kitchen. Ok, maybe the pasta, it would not bee too difficult, but tiramisu, never. I was feeling like it was Fat Tuesday by the end of the evening.

Ok, so back to work and doing some stuff. Boy, don’t I sound super important.

Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Super Tuesday…

Today is Super Tuesday--all states exept Ohio get to go out and vote, crap. Ok, not all states, but it feels like it and I don't get to go vote until next month! You can watch all day coverage on MSNBC and likely many others. I’ve been listening during my lunch here, it’s interesting the swing back in forth on who everyone thinks is going to win. According to Tim Russert on NBC the key today will be Conservatives on the Republican side and Women on the Democratic side. In some places turn out is very high. Yeah, people are paying attention and want to help make decisions in the world.

Also, it’s brilliant outside today. This morning started a bit rainy with thunder and lightening very early, but now it’s a wonderful damp 60 degrees outside. Ok, so I didn’t measure the temp, but I would say that’s a close guess. It's Great!

In addition, I found this neat little tool on photoshop today. You can add symbols to your pictures. I may have found my trademark watermark for my photos. Heehee. Just kidding.

These pics are from a recent visit to my parents home. It’s a real farm there, as you can see. *grin*

Pigs or hogs as a farmer would call them. They thought I was going to give them food, but I just wanted a picture. No worrries, Farmer Dad did feed them.

Max! This Newfoundland dog has so much puppy in him, but he just doesn't realize his size. He does love the snow. Just look at that happy face.

My Mags! She's just so darn cute!!!

Another pig, hog--as you will, can't you just hear her saying, "But I need out to play."

Monday, February 04, 2008


A man named Eli made me smile last night. He happens to be the quarterback for the NY Giants. I’m not really a fan of either team, but I just didn’t want to see the Patriots have a perfect season. Eli and his team took care of the Patriots and it made me smile. I was at a terribly fun super bowl party with the marrieds, but left as half time started because, of course I had to work this morning. I didn’t expect to actually watch the game when I got home, but I turned it on as I was doing other stuff and then got sucked in.

I had fear in the 4th quarter as the Pats took the lead again. I wasn’t certain Eli could handle the pressure. I was worried something stupid would happened like a pass interception. However, I was surprised. Eli took the team down the field and scored a much needed touchdown. Less than 1 minute left in the game, could the Pats come back and win? NOPE! Heeeheee.

They had to turn the ball back over to the Giants. The crowd was ready for a win, ready for celebration of a come back season for the Giants. However there was one small, tiny, little problem. There was 1 second left on the clock. NFL rules say the clock must run out to finish a game.

The officials were trying desperately to get the fans, extra players, coaches, and media off the field to finish the game. Everyone knew Eli would take a knee, but he had to do it to end the game. Finally, a cleared field allowed the last play, the clock to run down, and the NY Giants won the 42nd Superbowl.

I found the fact the Pats coach left before the game officially ended to be very un-sportsman like and simply sealed the deal for me that the best team won last night.

(Sorry if you are not a football fan, check in tomorrow for other topics.)