Friday, May 28, 2010

The List...

1. Get lens for specks,check.
2. Pick up arrival at airport, check.
3. Watch mother cat drag kittens across the road, hummmm check.
4. Have air conditioning up in at parents, Crap knew I would forget something.

5. Have a great weekend!

Thursday, May 27, 2010

Moonville Tunnel …

During my trip to Vinton County Ohio, I took a brief tour to the Moonville Tunnel. We went during the daylight, good time to stay away from the ghosts.

To give you a bit of history. The follow was taken from this link,

Moonville was once scarcely known as little more than one more tiny mining and railway boom town among a hundred others in Southeastern Ohio. But for those who lived there, it was home.

There was never more than a hundred people living in the tiny town from 1856 to the 1940s. And by the early 1950s, the only things remaining was a few abandoned houses and a lonely stretch of railway between Marietta and Cincinnati.

The Tunnel


is a little creepy from the inside,

especially with painting like this.

If you are in Vinton County and looking for a nice little hike that may lead to a ghost to two, go.  Read the history and the stories first, it will make experience more fun.

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Even Losing Can be Fun…

Saturday I traveled to Cleveland for my first ever professional baseball game. I’ve been to a few AAA games, but never a pro one. Cleveland was playing Cinci, the Ohio Expo…ok, I don’t remember what exactly it was called, but it was Ohio something. The first part of my drive to Cleveland scared me a little, I kept hitting speratic downpours for about the first hour outside of C-Bus. Thankfully the skies cleared and it was a wonderful evening for a game. Pre-game old college friends gathered for a chat to catch up on life changes and reminense about the “old days”.

I expected our seats to be up so high the players would look like wee dots on the field, but lucky enough, we had really great seats. We were in the first section, right between right and center field, score!

Growing up in Southeastern Ohio, there are no professional teams of any kind. So, you either aline with Cleveland or Cinci teams. If my Dad was cheering for a team it was the Cleveland Browns, so by default, I became a Browns fan (maybe this explains my many issues). Again by default, because I was a Cleveland football fan, I became a Cleveland baseball fan. Now, I use the term fan loosely with it comes to baseball. I love baseball, love to watch it…at least in person. However, when the Indians looked like they were going to lose in a blowout during the first couple of innings, I was willing to jump ship to the Reds. Ok, not really, but the boys playing for the Indians didn’t really show up, they didn’t act like they were getting paid to do this job. Oh, it was stressful. At one point, it was 4-0 Reds, eck.

The Indians did show up in the 9th with a short rally at least bringing the final score to 6-4 (Reds), if nothing else not a blow out, but still a loss. I understand the Indians are in a buidling year and they did beat the Reds the following day, yeah for them. To add to this, Grady is on the injured list.

If you can’t win, at least have fun doing it, which the game was a ton of fun.

Photos from my phone…

The view from the "cheap" seats.  They were at a crazy discount, sometimes it pays to know people. *grin*

I don't really get the mascots for the teams.  Odd, very odd looking muppet like fellows.

After the game they let off fireworks, which rocked.  They played great music while they were going off...and I love fireworks in general.  It was a pretty impressive show especially considering it is an add on for the game.

On a completely different is National Fish and Chips Day in Ireland, so if you get a chance to partake in some today in honor of all the chippers in the home country, please do.

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Random Information Day…

--On May 25, 1926, Miles Davis, jazz musician was born. Boy, he could play!

-- Lettuce and celery will keep longer if stored in the refrigerator in paper bags instead of cellophane ones. No one should eat celery, but in case if you buy it just to look at it.

--The Amityville horror house is up for sale in New York, Long Island. Personally I wouldn’t buy a house with ghosts, even if I did have the 1.15 million.

-- The King Ranch in Texas is bigger than the state of Rhode Island. It comprises 1.25 million acres and was the first ranch in the world to be completely fenced in. At one time, its borders were guarded by armed patrol.

-- Lightning strikes the Earth 1,800 times at any moment.

--Martha Jane Burke, better known as Calamity Jane, was married twelve times.  I guess I need to be a better marks-woman.

I warned you random.  Is it Friday yet?

Monday, May 24, 2010

Say What You Think…

When a child comes up and says, “you are fat”, or “you have ugly hair”, or “your feet smell” they are not usually trying to be mean, they are simply saying what they think based on what they see. They have no filter. At what age do we lose that? At what age do we start masking what we want to say to save the feelings of another person or to stay within acceptable social norms?

It’s frustrating, really, I feel there should be a way to say what you think as an adult, to get issues out in the open and stop filtering them. Wouldn’t you like to say to your boss, “I’m underpaid, overworked, underappreciated and I have mound of student loans that need to be paid off, I need a raise.” I would, but I don’t, I say it other ways, less direct, like completing my annual review and trying include all the wonderfulness that is me.

We all have a co-workers that we would love to say to them , “Do your damn job!”. We ignore it or may focus on a non-issue to maybe get them geared toward doing their job.

Every now and then we have a friend or family member that we would like say to them, “You are being an ass!”. We don’t, we don’t say anything. Sometimes it stresses us out so much sleep is lost over it.

I used to be a person who said what they were thinking much of the time, regardless. In high school I was called _____ bitch. My last name started with a “b”, so it was an easy fit. I got this because I used to say what I thought. I didn’t have a ton of friends because of this, but didn’t really care. The friends I did have were real friendships and to hell with the other idiots. Now, I find it funny that these idiots what to facebook me. Really?!?!

I wish I could go back to saying what I think, but I’ve surrendered to the social norms and will go along with all the other sheep thinking what I want to say, but never saying it. Maybe one day, I’ll feel free enough to blog about it, but I think that blog would have to be a private one that no one was really allowed to read. *smile* Not much of a blog.

Friday, May 21, 2010

Flying High…

This morning was a bit miserable, so I felt I would make the most of it and stop for a “fancy” coffee. I haven’t had a “fancy” coffee in quite some time. I did the quick Starbucks drive-throw and got a iced white chocolate mocha. TASTY! Well, since it had been so long since I have a “fancy” coffee it was way too sweet. I made a pot of hazelnut coffee in my office and added it to the mocha. This worked wonderfully, more coffee taste and less sweet. However, this means, I had about 3 shots of espresso and another two cups of coffee, not to mention the sugar. So right now, I’m flying high. If my shaky leg were logging miles I would guess about 20 at this point. The worst part is the headache I created for myself, darn it.

Ah, Friday, thank goodness 430pm is almost here.

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

The Crew Photos...

The Columbus Crew

Crew Fans

Gotta love the sombrero

The Crew take the field

Monday, May 17, 2010

The Crew…

Saturday I went to the Crew game. I don’t really know all the rules for soccer, but the atmosphere at the games are great, the crowd really gets into it. Some of their cheers are a bit odd, if you ask me, but at least they are having fun. We sat every close to the section that encourages people to bring drums, flags, streamers, and such. They are load and like true soccer fans, unlike me, a fair weathered soccer fan. I didn’t even get into it the summer I lived in Ireland. It would be a great workout, continuously running for 90 minutes, but some games there is no score and like Saturday, the majority of the game can pass before the maybe one goal is actually made.

It was a fun night…even if there was an almost dog attach at the end of the night. Long story, but story short, no dogs were harmed Saturday night and no humans either.

I was going to post a couple of pics, but they will not post, so maybe later.

Friday, May 14, 2010


This morning as I was walking through my backyard to my car, I noticed that there were several mushrooms that came up overnight. They are big too. I love mushrooms. I wonder if they would kill me if I put them on the grill with a few onions? I don’t think I’ll try it, I’ll stick with the ones Kroger has pre-approved for me, but does anyone know if these are indeed ones that can be eaten?

Thursday, May 13, 2010

Just In Case...

Just in case you were wondering what Maggie has been up to these day.  I'll give you a quick update.

She chases the random moth or such that creeps in the basement, but most of the time she's off to take a nap or two.  Ah the life of a cat, I'd love a nap right now.  At this point she's been crashing at my parents for three years, someday I'll live in a place that allows pets.  No news on the "pet" in my attic.

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

My Good Deed For The Day....

I've alreay completed my good dead for the day, so don't ask for any.  Going office to office door with student help and some lovely popcorn in tow, we raised $80.93 for Operation Feed.  The Mid-Ohio Foodbank loves me. 

We will have to see what the final total is for the donation to the cause.  Food donations and money has to be in by May 18th.


Tuesday, May 11, 2010

A New Look...

I think that C-Bus, Ohio should look like this today.

Ah, if only dreams could come true.

Monday, May 10, 2010

Today my landlord lived up to his rep of hating all animals. He is annoyed that I had to report a bird, some furry friend seems to be living in my attic. Not my fault, I did not roll out a red carpet for it. I guess I will have to wait to see who the friend is; he did not have time tonight to investigate.
I will keep you posted.

Friday, May 07, 2010

Annual Sale...

My Dad held his annual pig sale on May 1st.  This involves the prep of the pigs giving them a hair cut a couple of weeks before than moving 60 pigs to the parking lots of the car lot across the street from my parents store, setting up temporary pens and then holding the sale.

There were several people and yep that's me in the pen with the pigs, my shoes still smell even after a washing. argh!

Look at the butts, haahahahhah... those tails.

This is the pig I felt would bring the most didn't but Bob Ross will be very happy with this pig I think.

This is my cousin's kid--he was happy in the shot, but a very unhappy camper when he found out he could not take one home.  His grandpa in the photo was unwilling to give him money to buy a rude.

Have a great weekend!!!!

Thursday, May 06, 2010

May 6…The Promised Return…

So I took a bit of time off, a bit of time to think about what to do with this blog, what direction to go in.

I could go in the direction of PSA’s… K2 is said to mimic marijuana in appearance and effect, yet is legal in Ohio, undetectable in drug tests and being sold in head shops and online as incense. This chemical combination is a mix of dried herbs and spices sprayed with a synthetic compound similar to THC (the mind-altering ingredient in marijuana). And it’s causing emergency room visits across the country with side effects ranging from elevated heart rates to hallucinations.
I could go the Community Service route…Operation Feed efforts enter 3rd week, don’t forget to make a donation. No one should go hungry.

I could go the Political Blogger direction…No fishing in the Gulf, when will these fisherman be able to bring home the bacon (or shrimp) to take care of their families.

It was suggested I pick a direction and go in one direction. I thought about it. It was a valid, good idea. Sadly my mind does not work that way. I tend to have many thoughts going on at once. I think if I tried to have one focus for this blog, I would in fact need therapy. Ok, so likely I need therapy now, don’t judge me, or do it's ok.

So, this blog will continue at least for the time being to be random thoughts, ideas, photos, opinions solely based on what I want to include. If I have readers great, if not, well I will because the world does revolve around me. Right?!?!

So tune in tomorrow for a lovely entry where the topic will be…well whatever is going on in my head when I start typing….scary, but true. Until tomorrow…enjoy today.