Wednesday, September 30, 2009

The Year of 34 and New Things Continues…

1. Watched Yodeling Contest2. Saw Salad on a Stick3. Eat Emu4. Rev Theory & Shinedown Concert5. Iowa State Fair6. Placed a bet on a horse race7. Won on a bet placed on a horse race. 8.Played a $.25 lottery ticket9. Purchased a Cubs T-Shirt10. Walked around a Bass Pro store 11. Ate Dewey’s Pizza

12. Ate at Mario’s Seafood—good, I’ve lived in my current apartment this time for 2 years now and lived there for two years once before and had never eaten there before now.

13. Ate at Potbelly’s—good—had a salad which was loaded with all kinds of stuff—next time I would have a sandwich.

14. Ate at Jimmy V’s---wonderful! The mushroom soup was fab—go, go now!!!!!!

No, these are not just new food places.

15. Watched Zombieland—funny, funny, funny! There is a bit of blood, but no nightmares which is amazing for me. Go, it’s fun! Silly, but fun.

16. Played Wedding Photographer—interesting. Stressful. Fun. Would likely only do it again if the couple were friends or family.

17. Attended a Crew Game—super grand time. Was in the crazy fun cheering section and loved every minute. Didn’t get to see David Beckhim, he didn’t make the trip for the LA Galaxy. I don’t understand all the rules. However, I know to clap and cheer loudly when the ball goes in the net when the yellow team kicks it. I will go to another game!!! Soon, hopefully! The pics below were taken by Ms. D—yeah for her camera. Please, my hair the humidity has been doing god awful things to it, forgive it, it cannot help it.

18. Cored a pineapple with amazing ease—love the Pampered Chef tool, I will have one.

19. Took senior pictures, not new, but the fact he was holding shot gun—new! However, I think they turned out just fine.

20. Drank Mike’s Hard Limeade, yummers! A bit sweet, but go Mike!

21. Bought a Mickey Finns CD and saw them at Byrnes. I have never seen them at Byrnes and this is the first CD I think they have done or at least the only one I have. This is old video, but good video.

Oh Ray!!!!

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Where Have You Been?...

This is a question I've been asked the last couple of days from a few of you readers. I'm very sorry, I know I've left this blog for the vultures to swoop down and eat at will. I'm going to try and be better, just a bit better, I don't want to get your expectations too high.

September has been a very busy month. I sit now looking at my planner and realize exactly why I'm so tired and have not been a blogging lady.

There was the Fair, then dinner with marrieds, then a wedding (not mine), trips to the airport (no, I was not going anywhere--picking people up, taking them back), movies, wedding parties (no another one--again not mine), senior pictures (now really do I need to say, not mine), Pampered Chef parties to plan, Crew game, and the start of autumn quarter on top of all this.

So, the fair came and went, no major events, no major photos to share.

So, let me begin with the wedding. My cousin, got married. My cousin who is like a little brother. My cousin who I adore, but don't get to see much these days. My cousin who is too young (25) to be getting married, but well you can't teach the young anything. My cousin, had a Redneck Weddin', now I didn't call it that, he did. It was on the sign outside of the church. I can show the sign because the name is on it, and of course I don't need any crazy stocking my cousin. I was asked to take wedding photos. This was an honor because, well, good grief, I'm not a pro here, but I did what I could and I hope they like 'em because, well, I can't just go out and do 'em over this weekend now can I.

These are just a sample of the over 1100 pictures I took and 300 or so I sent to the couple. Now this included posed and candids, no worries.

First there was a Bride...

My aunt made her dress, which was very nice, although the fabric was one of those horrible ones that wrinkle at first sight, darn fabric. President C would not approve, sorry, side bar, back to the photos.
This is the bride with her daughter, she is the cutest thing ever, stay back guys, she's not even 17, not until December.

Then there was the Groom and all his men...

The groom is in there, he's the one holding kid, the just got woke up from his nap kid.

This is the bride and groom's child--gotta love a 3-4, something year old's attitude when they just wake up from a nap, that they wanted to sleep longer. Hey, I understand I'm with him, don't wake me up until I'm ready!

Now if you pretend you are admiring the mailbox and how red it is, then he might peek over an you might get just the start of the smile.

We can't put it all on the child. I'm mean look-like father like son really.

The ceremony was lovely in a small town church, however the church was a fan of yellow stain glass for ALL it's windows, which was a horrible for inside shots. Just picture it in your head. Ok, ready, post ceremony...

They decided to release butterflies, which was a nice plan, except the butterflies did not want to fly away.

The bride and groom ran away.

But wait, they came back. They posed for a few pics---I didn't make them.

The Bride and Groom then drove away to their reception in a Kuboda...

On the way to the reception

Let there be cake...

Yep, a redneck cake

It got to be a bit much for my cousin

The munchkin got the groom's cake

By the end of the night it was getting a bit crazy.

This guy sums it up...there were even gold fish chugged...another story I think.

Let's hope their life is just as fun and interesting.

Wednesday, September 09, 2009

A Story...

Gather round kids, let me tell you a story.

Once upon a time there was a "history" lesson to be learned by all who traveled to this grand land. In order to get to the land, you must travel on a wagon, pulled by a tractor.

Once you reached the land, there were many signs to for you to learn about the history of the land you were in.

There was a path to guide you to the land--Pioneer Farm. (You had to watch out for the evil do-ers in green, they were not to be trusted.) *heheee*

Along the path there were many sites to see, many animals to ohhh and ahhh over. There were very ugly "early" farm pigs relaxing in the straw. No wolf was seen or could be hard on this land, they felt very safe.

This land was home to many ducks. None of the ducks seemed to have body image issues. All beautiful ducklings there.

There were cows resting in the shade. The moon would soon be out and they would play then.

There were other cows too. One of the cows was a little unhappy because another cow was getting much more attention then her.

Of course she had just given birth to a new calf. The "farmers" on this Pioneer Farm were shaking their heads, trying to figure out why they had to be working that day.

There were horses grazing on hay, enjoying a break from plowing.

On this land there were some strange sites too. There was "Santa" in bluejeans,

and adults acting like children.

This land gave "Santa" many grand things to look at and "learn" about.

The End!

Thursday, September 03, 2009

Two For One...

I will not be posting tomorrow--so you get two today. I'm taking a vacation day!!! Yeah me!

I will be traveling to the airport early tomorrow morning. Dr. Baker is coming for a visit, she just couldn't miss the Noble County Fair. The Iowa folks told her they had never heard of an elephant ear, so she quickly bought a ticket to Ohio, she was not going to miss this fair tradition. However, she proved them wrong did find an elephant ear at the Iowa State Fair, but still kept her ticket.

The Fam will re-unite this weekend.

If you are at home this weekend, bored, picking your toes, lent out of your belly button--oh you know you do, staring at your shoes---jump in your car, on your bike, whatever and head to Caldwell, Ohio for the Noble County Fair. Dr. Baker will likely give out free advice if you ask, although the real question is, should you listen?

It's September, Soon To Be...

I'm having a difficult time believing autumn is really in the air. However, it's super exciting also. Exciting because autumn is my favorite season. I love those crisp mornings and dew soaked evening. I love that cool chill that requires a sweatshirt or light jacket, but no hat or ear mufflers. I love football and O-H-I-O, even though I can't seem to get tickets--darn faculty and their crazy money. Ben will be leading his Steelers to victories soon. Hope will sprout in every Cleveland Brown fan, but then be dashed by week two of the season.

And, before me know it, these will start to show up in your neighborhoods...

Ah, fall is almost here, almost, YEAH!!!!

Wednesday, September 02, 2009


So, the blogging has not really happended so much lately. In many ways I’ve been very busy, but in others still have a ton of stuff to do. Life right. At least it is rarely dull, but not really fun to report on.

I thought I was going to have some super exciting news to report-finally on the blog. I thought I might we wondering the sandy beaches of Florida soon, but alas as life often does it gives you a lemon, you expect to make lemondade, but then you have to add vodka to the lemonade to get through. *grin* Ok, maybe you don’t HAVE to have the vodka, but why the hell not? Now, I could up and take off and go to the beaches anyway, but nope, I’d rather grip a bit, it makes for a more entertaining blog.

Today, my music group of choice to listen to is REO Speedwagon, what, stop, I can’t help myself, OK!

So you can enjoy these at your leasure, they are true teasures.

Boy they aged!

That hair!!!!

In case you are up for a quick road trip, they will be performing this weekend! That’s right, I don’t just leave you hanging, I do the research too.

Saturday they are at the Minnesota State Fair and Sunday they are at the Sheboygan County Fair in Wisconsin. If you are patient, they will be in C-Bus, O-H-I-O November 8.