Tuesday, September 21, 2010

The Fair...

Going through photos this evening I found many forgotten photos.  So, sad, they must be shared.  In August, I visited the Iowa State Fair.  Why you ask, well, good question, I have no good answer.  I mean yes, there are tons of fairs here in Ohio.

Buy the t-shirt, no silly, just take a picture of it, to confirm you really were at the Iowa State Fair.

There were a ton of people there, even though it was crazy hot.

Good thing about the Iowa State Fair, one can have a pint of beer with their chips.  Notice scary blue finger nail polish.  It just added to the fun fair experience.

When beer does not cool one off a nice popsicle is highly recommended. 

And that kids is a short trip to the fair.  It's Tuesday, I think...still over loaded with new information.

Monday, September 20, 2010

New Residents...

The mill has a couple of new residents.  After a morning of nothing but non-stop bagging of corn for deer hunters, I took a moment to snap a photo of the two new residents at the mill. 

Throughout the years different cats have lived at the mill.  Maggie was actually a kitten from Molly the original mill cat.  These two showed up a few weeks ago.  They are just getting to the point where you can pet them, only if you have treats for them though.  They will have to catch mice to earn their keep.  They are just kittens right now, but soon, they will have to start meeting their quota weekly.  That or learn to bag corn, good grief those Jersey boys buy a ton of corn, well really almost two ton of corn every weekend.

This young lady is very curious and will play with a string for a bit perks up at the first sound of the treat container.

This young man is a bit more cautious.  He will come out for treats if you step away, but sits back and will just watch the other kitten play with the string.

My brain is fried from tons of new information from the new job, so kittens are calming. Happy Monday!

Thursday, September 16, 2010

This is the life...

Started new job today. Had a hot cuppa tea with Ms. H on the patio at the coffee shop in the almost autumn crisp evening air. Ah, this is going to be a grand autumn!
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Friday, September 10, 2010

Trip Across the Border...

Quick trip to Calabash, N.C. today crossed over from S.C., really far trip, all of 10 minutes. Took a boat ride out into the ocean. Saw a few dolpin, watched a shrimp boat pull in their bounty, and saw a couple of sting ray up close. Who knew a two hour tour could zap all of your energy.
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Thursday, September 09, 2010


My week has been filled with surf, sand, pools, a lovely lazy river, margaritas, sangria, tilapia, red snapper, sea scallops, crab, shrimp, sunscreen, many towels, wine, and shopping. Ok, little shopping, but today was a shopping day. I did buy this great t-shirt. Gotta love it. The SC Gamecocks. I know it's a bit childish, a bit "Wayne's World-ish", but the Gamecocks are just fun to say.

Go Gamecocks!

Monday, September 06, 2010

My Morning...

Early alarm to see sunrise. Brilliant veiw from the balcony. Walk in the surf. Coffee at the bar watching the surf. Fresh krispy kreme for breakfast.

Now sitting on the beach, soon to be in the water.

This afternoon, more of the same.

Ah, vacation!
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Friday, September 03, 2010


Sitting at the laundry mat. Why you ask, well my cat had to take a car ride this morning and she decided my Mom's lap was a good location to pee. So, I'm here trying to correct Maggie's wrong. Too bad my parents store doesn't have a washing machine!

I hope your Friday starts and ends a bit better than mine.

Wednesday, September 01, 2010

Wednesday Trivia…

Who has been slacking when it comes to blog posts? Me, sorry.

Who has been cleaning in their office today? Me, the dust needs to go.

Who has been packing all the stuff up in her office today? Me, mostly packed and ready to go.

Who is having their last day at the university today? Me!!!!

Who is super excited that today is her last day at the university because that means she is leaving to take another job? ME!!!!! I haven’t said much on here because I wanted to make sure all the paperwork went through. I completed all the paperwork yesterday and I’ll be headed to another college soon.