Monday, September 12, 2005

A Fun Filled Weekend

A small group of us (2) went dancing Saturday night. There were to be more, but as life would have it two of them became ill and others decided to watch the OSU/Texas game. OSU lost btw. The two of us that did go shook our happy bums for a few hours. Sunday did a swoop of the city. I miss all the conveniences of living directly inside the outer belt. Monday, back to the grind. 

--that’s life according to me.

Wednesday, September 07, 2005

County Fair!

This past weekend, I spent a sawdust filled time at the Noble County Fair. As a Represtative for the Jones Feed Store, I spent near 6 hours watching various farm animals sold to the highest bidder. Jones Feed not to be out done by the other local businesses purchased 12 animals. One of the 12 was the Reserve Champion Hog, which landed my parents their picture in the local newspaper with said Hog. I enjoyed a wonderful warm apple dumpling with ice cream and a cheeseburger made by the local firemen. Yum,Yum!