Tuesday, December 06, 2005

Santa's Sweets Shoppe

The college is having a door decorating contest for the holidays. My past few days have been spent painting, wrapping fake packages, and hanging candy canes from the ceiling. The Admissions office has been transformed into Santa's Sweets Shoppe. The judging will be on Thursday but I’m not sure when the winner will be announced. I have every intention for our office to win. To ensure the win, there will cookies and holiday treats for one day only on...Thursday. :)

(Sorry the picture is not very clear, my digital camera is pretty low quality, but was free. It’s the main door to our office.)

Sunday, December 04, 2005

Gallery Hop & Closing of Borus

Saturday evening was the holiday gallery hop. Mr. Local Weather Man promised a Winter Wonderland of 2-4 inches of snow. Snow was not to be found, but a nice layer of ice was. Little hopping occurred simply due to the treacherous conditions of the sidewalks. After only a few galleries, we headed to Borus for the their last night. A lively crowd packed the small pub. A jazzish band entertained in the background, but mostly time was spent with good friends and good time friends. The closing of Borus feels kinda like the end of an era, as if I may be forced to grow up a bit.