Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Today Sucks...

I'm trying to think positive...


Tuesday, February 09, 2010

Today Sucks…

At least so far, it sucks. I had to get up early to get ready because of this darn snow. I’m tired of it, do you hear me Mother Nature, I’m tired of it. I had to pack two bags to bring into work. One with interview cloths and crap, and a bag with a hair dryer makeup, and other work crap.

I have an interview here on campus later this afternoon. Of course it’s on the other side of campus and I’ll have to put on my boots to get there in the crappy snow, so now what do I do, pack the regular shoes and change or just pull my pant legs out and wear the boots. I figure I’ll just wear the boots, because really I think they already have decided who they are going to hire, it’s not me, so why go through that extra effort. I’m going to be snow covered anyway.

I made it to my office, only to find my suit jacket had gotten wet, because somehow snow got into the bag, argh! It’s hanging up right now, trying to dry. Normally my office is a lovely 75-80 degrees, not today though, what’s the deal.

I did bring my hair dryer, which I did use, because my hair was wet from the snow, even with a hat on my bangs were a mess, so I dried my hair I guess I can dry the jacket if needed. I think I spent 30 minutes after getting into my office getting the layers off, drying my hair, and putting on makeup. There was no point before leaving the house because as mentioned the snow would have just made my face a soggy mess.

You might be asking yourself, why didn’t she just wear the interview cloths to work. Well, good question. I couple of reason.

One, I’m trying to keep my interview on the down low. Mostly from one co-worker that drives me insane with his cryptic calendar and his attitude that he is the only one in the office with his salt because he’s working on his PHD. Who gives a flying fig? Really! I could if I wanted to, but I like my free time and the PHD is not going to provide the salary it should after all the work put into it. If I never get a job above the one where I’m at now because I don’t have a PHD, that’s just fine. I’ve decided once you have your PHD, you lose any common sense you may once have had anyway. Sorry to those who may have a PHD, but it’s true.

Two, I’m having lunch with Jim Tressel. No, it’s not just Mr. T and me off to discuss the incoming recruits for next year. It’s a professional development thing with the college about team work or some such crap. Now, I like the idea of a free lunch and Mr. T is not a horrible presenter, but they want us to wear our Scarlet and Gray for this event. So, I have on my suit pants with a Scarlet and Gray Polo for the first event of the day, this Polo is not acceptable interview clothing. So hence, the two outfits, one day, and Mother Nature just laughing her little head off.

I don’t see this interview going well. They changed the time of the Mr. T event and now I have a student right before, one of my “stretching students”, and will be running late to run across campus for the first time today for this event. Then back a few more appointments and then back across campus again. Normally bring on the time out of the office time, but does it have to be snowing, accumulating 3-5 inches today! Today! AGH! I need Friday, now or at least 430pm!


Monday, February 08, 2010

Weekend Update…

This will not be a funny as an SNL weekend update, but it will give you an idea of my world, from my view.

Friday night: Pizza and pints at Byrnes. Ah, lovely!

Saturday: brave the 9 inches of snow to go to Kohl’s. The airport reported 9 inches, I didn’t measure, but since I’m only a short distance from the airport, I would guess a good report. Spent two hours in Kohl’s during power hours. I talked to my Mom for a bit before going into the store because there were so few cars, I didn’t want to be “that person” shopping in a snow storm. Which is really funny, because I’m not really a shopper. Trip to local library. Trip to Kroger, with the entire county. Huddled under many blankets to keep warm. A bit of laundry done. Watched a movie from library.

Sunday: Woke up to bugger down the street scraping sidewalk, argh why didn’t he do it Saturday! Hot shower to warm up cold nose. Tool around house doing dishes, laundry, and such. Hitch a ride with Ms. H to Tea House for a late-morning snack. Accompany Ms. H to Kohl’s, I had Kohl’s cash, it couldn’t be helped. Of course no clothing was found for second interview Thursday or first interview Tuesday, but oh well. I always need a spare pair of gloves and sunglasses. Return home, more in-depth cleaning, watched some of the game. Made yummy garlic cheese burger for dinner. Broke favorite glass, argh, shattered in bits, I guess the gods didn’t like the way I cleaned the kitchen floor the first time. Watched game, annoyed that Colts didn’t win. I didn’t really care, but tired of hearing about “storybook” year for Saints. Sleep.

Monday (so far): holy macaroni, freezing walk into work. Long day of emails and appointment. Is it 430pm yet?

There you have it, good times.

Wednesday, February 03, 2010

Long Time, No Blog…

Sorry readers, if you are still out there. It has been almost a week since I have blogged. Mostly I’ve just been super busy and haven’t taken the time. I know it’s commitment and I need to make it, but let’s face it I have commit issues in general and none of you are surprised.

I’ve been busy.

I had a couple of interviews the last couple of weeks and one coming up although I don’t know when, I got an email that I would be called to schedule it, but haven’t gotten the call yet. I’m not sure that the first two interviews went so well, but we’ll see I guess. I should know if I’m going to be called for second interviews by the end of this week, so I’ll keep ya posted. When I get the call for the other one, I’ll keep ya posted. I get out of sorts with these type of things. My stomach takes on a mind of its own. I admit it, there is some vomiting going on, can’t be helped. This is why I’ll have to elope, I’ll never make it through a wedding ceremony. There would a barf-a-rama, which would just not be pretty.

I’m also planning an alternative spring break trip to Vinton County, Ohio. I’m taking a group of students to Vinton County to do some programming in the schools on going to college, majors, options, etc. It will be an adventure. I thought we were going to be staying in a B&B, now I fear we are going to be a cabin of some kind. Hmmm, I don’t camp, I’m a bit concerned, but I keep telling myself I can do anything for a week. It’s an awesome resume builder and gets me out of my office for a week. My biggest fear at this point, I snore, can’t help it I do, and yikes I’m going to be in a cabin with 7 students while snoring, I may not sleep the entire week.

Can you imagine in all of this I found my passport, which has been missing for over two years now. I need to leave the country by Feb. 7 when it expires, or simply re-new it. Heeeheee. I’m just excited to find it, so I can keep the stamps, I worked hard for those, many of the places were not even going to stamp it until I asked.

Ok, off for now.