Wednesday, August 25, 2010

If It's Wednesday...

It's trivia day!

In hockey, the penalty box is often referred to as the sin bin.

The fairy tales Puss in Boots, Little Red Ridinghood, Cinderella, were first written down by Charles Perrault, who also helped design part of the Louvre.

It is estimated that a single toad may catch and eat as many as 10,000 insects in one summer.

There are 119 grooves on the edge of a quarter.

The term hung jury, a jury that cannot agree on a verdict, was started in the 1840's.

About 2 billion tons of animal manure are produced in the U.S. every year. France, Holland and Belgium have been classified by the European Community as "manure surplus" regions because they produce more than their land can absorb.

The condensed water vapor trail left behind by jets is called a contrail.

The chameleon has a tongue that is 1.5 times the length of its body.

The Netherlands is the lowest country in the world. It is estimated that 40 percent of the land is below sea level.

Now you know!

Tuesday, August 24, 2010


I have found I like making lists.  To Do lists are great, I love being able to check items off as they are accomplished.  It makes me feel a small sense of moving forward.  Often lists can be helpful. Pro/Con lists can help when making a difficult decision.  I don't always stick to my lists, but that's ok too.

I liked my year of 34 list, although I kinda lost track of it.  I think I'll continue the idea for the year of 35.

Thing I've never done before in this my 35th year.

1. Got a pedicure.  I know can you believe it, 35 and never had a pedicure, but it's true. I got one over the weekend. It was great. I was a bit nervous, ok a lot nervous because I have very sensitive feet to the point of pain sometimes, but it went well and my toes are so darn cute.  I went with a bright pink, I figure in a couple of weeks, if it lasts that long, I will not loose my toes in the sand.

2. Got a full body massage.  Dear goodness it was awesome!  Charles Penzone Salon, you lived up to your reputation and I thank you kindly for it.  I will try to work more massages into my budget, so worth it.

That's it for now, but those were two great ones, right.

Friday, August 20, 2010

To Do...

List: Oil change- waiting on it now; Walmart run- done, thankgoodness, hate doing it but needed every now and then; Party supply store- done, Woot, that place is a trip, a good one; Kroger- next; laundry- some done a mound still to go; cleaning- hmmm soon, Ick; dinner at Brio- only if I get all others done soon.

Hmmm... is this how I envisioned my day off? Well no, but need, and hey I'm not at work.

Enjoy your weekend kids!
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Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Random Wednesday Trivia...

Can you guess who this person is?

This person's first and only dog was named Tiny.  The cutie lived 16 great years.

This person once had a horse named Jan.

This person's current pet is a cat named Maggie.

Oh, I know I've stumped you now...but I'll keep going.

This person was Junior Class President at her High School. And, yes, the class song was "Friends in Low Places".  Sad, but true.

This person was a stubborn or determined child who liked challenges, depending on your view.  Yes, those are mini jackasses.  Do you have any idea how difficult it is to get a jackass to go somewhere it doesn't want to, a real challenge.

This person loves white chocolate ice mochas with skim milk and no whip.

This person used to wear overalls for play and not cleaning hog pens and looked just adorable.

This person used to swim and play in this creek below her parents house as a child before she learned there were water snakes.  Then the fun ended quickly.

This person can't help but laugh at this video.

This person is turning 35 today.

Can you now guess this person?

You kids are so smart...yes, it's me.

Friday, August 13, 2010


Friday 13th, but so far I've been swimming, eat a nice breakfast, and well I guess that's enough for a vacation day! Enjoy your weekend kids!
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Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Random Trivia Wednesday…

Did you know that all of this happened on August 11 in history?

In 1925: Actor Michael Douglas was born.

In 1934: The first prisoners arrived at Alcatraz.

In 1965: Deadly rioting took place in the Watts section of Los Angeles.

In 1992: The Mall of America opened in Bloomington, Minnesota.

In 2009: Eunice Kennedy Shriver, founder of the Special Olympics, died at age 88.

Well, guess you know.

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Tuesday Trivia...

No, just kidding Wednesday is trivia day silly...well at least the Wednesday's I remember to do it.

This past weekend was the Dublin Irish Festival...excellent craic.  Lots of dancing, Irish music, kilts, laughs, music, fish and chips, kilts, bagpipes, kilts, lemon shake ups, kilts, Irish music, kilts...did I mention there were kilts.  *grin*

There was of course the yearly sand sculpture.  This was early Saturday, there was loads more added, but didn't think to take a final picture.

I got to hear my favorite Trad Irish song.  YEAH!!!

And I found the design for my next tattoo.  One small problem...loads of detail..but this was carved into a big hunk of stone...can you imagine.  It was awesome, but had a really awesome price too, darn it.

In other random news...look Ma, I've got nails.  Two weeks of not working at my parents store and my nails actually will grow. Forgive the crappy paint job and wrinkly almost 35 year old hands...and just look at those nails.  Ah, yeah!
Today is Tuesday, it will be a good day.  I did a jig last night just to make sure it was and scary, but true, I wore a skirt to work this only happens once in a very blue moon.

Thursday, August 05, 2010

I know, right

I kinda feel like Maggie here. This is the "I know, right." face. I was in hurry up, now wait mode. I wish I had more info to share. I know, right!

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Tuesday, August 03, 2010

Fair-ly Fun...

The Ohio State Fair is currently in full swing, I recommend if you haven't been in a few years, go, enjoy.  If nothing else it's great people watching.

There are pigs...not that I don't see enough of them myself, but if you haven't seen a pig in a while, the hog barn does have a fun gift shop with all things pig.

Jim from NBC 4 says the weather is all good in Columbus, even in his scarecrow form.

I don't know if NBC 4 will be doing the news from the fair when you are there, but if they are you can see just want talking heads they really are.

I'm telling you the people watching is grand, this I just can't even explain. I just look about in wonder.