Friday, November 30, 2007

Lights, Lights, LIGHTS!...

Last night, Mirror Lake across from my building was holding a holiday lights ceremony. There were to be refreshments and then the lighting of the holiday lights around the lake. The event was open to students, faculty, and staff. I attend this event with Ms. H and her munchkins. The lights were to go on at 7pm; Ms. H picked me up at 6:45pm with a quick drive to campus we were in the parking garage and walking to the lake by 7pm. The lights were still not on, but we assumed they would be quickly. In almost total darkness we made our way to the stage and waited, and waited, and waited. No lights were going on, my hands were beginning to forget they were connected to my arms and my breath was almost frozen at the same time it escaped my body. Still no lights, the kids were amused dancing to some interesting holiday music. It was just bad, bad I tell you. It was holiday music not Korn or something like that, but really crappy holiday music.

Finally close to 7:40pm, we heard a student announce Dr. Gee is here. Oh, of course, that’s what or better who we were waiting on. A bit of movement in the crowd, candles finally lighting the darkness, Dr. Gee says welcome, basically that’s it and go to the lake to sing “Carmen Ohio” and turn the lights on. The crowd of people walked down to surround the frosty lake. The crowd of about 200 gave the poor ducks in the lake a bit of a fright as they surround the lake with their candles. Many moments later, wind blowing out candles, people re-lighting them, the wind taking control again, people not giving in- lighting again---FINALLY they start singing “Carmen Ohio”. Well-singing is a stretch, I don’t know that many actually knew the words. They needed the football team there to lead or a couple of band members to at least drown out the sad “tune” the group was producing. Lights finally were produced and it was a nice start to the holiday season—but a frozen one, back in car and headed home around 8:15ish.

Dr. Gordon Gee--the Pres himself. He's in the red ball cap in the far back of the picture. I was right next to him, but didn't have the camera out, and then it was so dark, I could not find him in the darkness. The only light was the little set of holiday lights you can see on the left.

No wind, we must have light!

Ms. H and the munchkins

Finally-the lights--ah how pretty--now get inside it's freezing!

Thursday, November 29, 2007


Just like me! Ah come on, you know you love me.

Bored, experiencing PMS, want to do some good today? Visit this site and help feed a few hungry people in the world, You play a vocabulary game and if you get a question correct, you feed 20 grains of rice to a hungry person. Now, I'm not sure 20 grains will fill a person up, but if you play a few items and actually get the question correct you might fill up an entire bowl.

According to the site—“FreeRice is not sitting on a pile of rice―you are earning it 20 grains at a time. Here is how it works. When you play the game, advertisements appear on the bottom of your screen. The money generated by these advertisements is then used to buy the rice. So by playing, you generate the money that pays for the rice donated to hungry people.”

Now, what are you waiting for-make yourself a bit smarter and start playing.

Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Everyone Loves a Potluck...

NO-NO they do not. I'm one of them. Ok-if it's a group of my friends and I know what their kitchens look like--then yes of course-cook for me all you want. I have friends that are wonderful cooks and I LOVE when they make me food. However, work is a big difference. I don't like work potlucks, I don't like them Sam I am. I don't know how these people live. I have never seen their kitchens. I know some of them have pets at home, I have Maggie-granted she's on holiday at my parents right now, but I have her. Let's take a moment to think about Maggie since we don't get to see her every day.

Ah-isn't she just adorable. Now-I love her to bits, but I had to vacuum multiple times a week when she was living with me. I know that when I used my kitchen table I had to scrub it down to make sure there were not Maggie germs on it. What I don't know is if these other people are doing the same things at their houses.

I say--STOP the potlucks at work. I'll give you $5 for these events, have someone bring the food from a state inspected place. My father tells me Kroger's kitchen could be just as gross; yes, yes it could be, but at least a State Inspector does visit and they do get in serious shit if it's not up to code. Who's with me: Hell NO-we will not Potluck, Hell NO-we will not Potluck at work!

Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Garage Humor...

I parked my car in the garage here at work as I do every morning Monday-Friday. As I was walking to the steps to exit, I noticed a bumper sticker that jumped out at me. "Ticks Suck" I thought to myself-yes, yes they do. Now, to me I would not have this bumper sticker on my car, but hey to each their own.

Note: I have changed a couple of settings and now you can post a comment without being a registered user. I heard from a few of you had have tried in the past but could not post a comment--well now you can. However, be nice. :)

Count down to Christmas 2007... only 28 Days, 11 Hours, 54 Minutes, and 41 Seconds!
Shopping Days Left ...I put up a few decorations. I'll see if I can get a picture to post.

Happy Tuesday!

Monday, November 26, 2007


Did you miss me? So sorry for the lack of blog postings, I spent a lovely few days at the parent’s house and although they do have internet it is dial up and it takes 10 minutes to download a page with photos on it. I tried, I really did, but after two attempts and an hour later, I gave up.

I can now report the Challenge winner was Mr. B-loosing a total of 12 pounds. Yeah! Let me know how you want me to get the money to you from everyone.

I can also report, I gained 2 pounds over the weekend thanks to tons of turkey, potatoes, noodles, and awesome pumpkin pie. Seriously, I think it was the best pumpkin pie ever, and so Martha Stewart with little turkey shapes on the top. Oh-if only I could have some now, but no-I must get back on the wagon and continue to try and get into my winter cloths. I would have an entire new wardrobe if I do loose about 10 more pounds.

I ended up going shopping on Thanksgiving-briefly at 7:30am, ick—then again on Black Friday. My sister thinks it’s the best thing since sliced bread, but I tell you, that was my first and last time. The alarm went off at 3am, I was in the first store by 4:45am. People were insane, I was the “defense”, my job was to hold the cart and guard the items my sister was throwing in to the basket. She played “offense”, she bravely (yet, insanely) went deep into the electronics section to retrieve as many deals as possible. There was a line for one store that wrapped around a good half block. The line was in place for a 2 two hours as we trudged from one store to another, trunk filling, the line was still there. Finally, the line was gone, parking was a minimum, but do-able-we braved the store—yet all sales were gone, and the clerk stated to another customer, “We didn’t even have some of the stuff when the store opened”. What! How rude—at least my sister is not as insane to want to stand in line for hours to get a “deal”. I did get a couple of items at a good price, but really, I would rather pay a few dollars more and enjoy my sleep and sanity then shop again on Black Friday. I guess I just not a shopper.

Ok-well, I should get back to work emails and such. Enjoy your Black Monday—now don’t do not too much shopping on the net today on company time.

Wednesday, November 21, 2007

The Day Before...

I know everyone is waiting to see who won the big prize from the Challenge, but sadly all the Challengers have not reported in yet. Hopefully, they will do so by late this afternoon or first thing tomorrow. I'll be sure to report as soon as I have the info myself. I can tell you it was not sad-bye $20 you are off to a more worthy competitor.

Today is the day before Thanksgiving. I'm sure all of you are off to spend time with family or loved ones weather you want to or not. heehheee.

Did you know that when you Google Thanksgiving you get: Results 1 - 10 of about 83,400,000 for Thanksgiving. Good grief-just think if Internet existed during the first Thanksgiving--they might not have burnt the corn, they could have Goggle'd Martha and gotten a full recipe.

Monday, November 19, 2007


I don’t give a damn for the whole state of Michigan, the whole state of Michigan

I don’t give a damn for the whole state of Michigan, ‘cause I’m from OHIO!

Rain, nor drunk fans, nor The Big House itself could deter me from attending the OSU-Michigan game this past Saturday. A three plus hour drive up to Ann Arbor, short 1 hour trip to IKEA, and solid evenings sleep lead to the big morning. Up early to start putting on the many layers, then a short walk to the bus stop, 15 min. bus ride over to the stadium --let the festivities begin. Section 11, Row 86, Seat 1—which in Michigan means you are in the middle of the row not the end—they are odd birds up there. Just down from the scoreboard, directly in line with the “C” on the field in the end zone, sitting in a drizzling rain, I watched the OSU Buckeyes kick some wolverine tail. Enjoy the pics…

Pre-Game warm up
Even Tres has a coat on-it's cold
The band's section
Pre-Game pic--you don't want to see the after one-scary rain soaked
Packed Big House too much maze for my liking-more scarlet please. Although to my amazement-our section got the entire stadium to do O-H-I-O--to was great!
Only one pic of OSU offense needed-they ran the same play all day long
Crazy drunk lady and her damn flag
Michigan fan in front me--although he was sitting MOST of the game :)
Final Score Just in case you didn't know--we are #1--Big Ten Conference WinnersCarmen Ohio--post win

Friday, November 16, 2007

Thursday, November 15, 2007

Week 5 Weigh In...

*Me...-1-------Total -5
*Ms. D...-3--Total -8
*Ms. N...0---Total 0
*Ms. M...Not Reported-Total -3
*Mr. B...-3-------Total -7
*Ms. A...-1------Total -3
*Mr. D...0------Total -3
*Ms. B...-2------Total -6

Look at those numbers, some folks are really going to have extra room for Thanksgiving fests. Next Wed. will be the last Challenge weigh in. One hard working trooper will have an extra $140 in their pocket. Who will win...any predictions? I don't see it being me, sadly. I really fell off the wagon yesterday after my frustrating weigh in. I had Chinese, ice cream, a fancy sugary coffee--all kinds of badness. I'm trying to get back on that wagon today. I need to win--it's simply my competitive nature. Hey Challengers...don't those cookies smell good, don't you want to go grab one and have a snack--go ahead, it's ok. (evil laugh--whatever it takes to win!)

Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Beware…Pissed Off Rant to Follow…

Ok, so I have this little "Challenge" that I created, yes, it’s all my fault because I’m the one that started this entire process. When I stepped on the horrible offending, grey scales this morning my mood was so similar to the color of the offending piece of reporting equipment that I just wanted to spit. Now, I did loose a pound and this now puts me at 5 pounds down from my starting weight, I should be jumping up and down and shouting wouuuuwhooooo, but no I’m pissed. I know the weight is easier to take off then put on. I know that loosing one or two pounds a week is the best way to do it because it is more likely to stay off. I know that small continuous steps will eventually lead me where I want to be. However, I’m STILL PISSED! 5 pounds, where did it come from? Shouldn’t I be able to notice a shrinking chin or two, a little less cheek when I smile? Shouldn’t my cloths fit a little more comfortably? Women often loose weight first in their chest—but no, my girls are still there and STILL the same size. So where, where I ask you the reading audience did these 5 pounds come from, or off of more importantly---my toes, ankles, elbows???? I’ll report the stats from the others as soon as everyone reports in.

Try to enjoy this Wednesday-- I have to go back to work--CRAP!

Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Random Info Tuesday…

I have deemed today Random information day and since this is my little blog, I can darn well do as I choose, right, right!

Random Thing 1: There are 126 days until St. Patrick’s Day!

Random Thing 2: This is Beat Michigan Week-Go BUCKS!

Random Thing 3: There are 280 calories in a regular size Snickers Bar-eat eat all 280 for lunch today!

Random Thing 4: Every time I try to type Random, I keep adding an “E” at the end—why, hummm???

Random Thing 5: The first cow in America arrived in 1611 to the Jamestown Colonies—can you get more random?

Friday, November 09, 2007

Challenge Weigh In...

*Me...-1-------Total -4
*Ms. D...-3--Total -5
*Ms. N...Gain 1---Total 0
*Ms. M...Not Reported-----Total -3
*Mr. B...Gain 2-------Total -4
*Ms. A...0------Total -2
*Mr. D...-2------Total -3
*Ms. B...-3------Total -4

Wednesday, November 07, 2007

Feel Better…

My Mom is feeling a bit under the weather today. A touch of the flu or a really bad head cold, either way she sounds like crap. It’s that season all kinds of fun bugs floating around. Hopefully she’s feeling better asap!!!!

Tuesday, November 06, 2007

Did You Vote Today?

I did vote today and for the past month the signs have been present urging us all to vote for a particular candidate. It amazes me that this is still the main form of campaigning conducted especially in small towns. For my amusement, I took a few photos.
Many simply put their signs along the side of the road for all drivers to view
While others wanted to travel with their signage
One even rented a changeable sign to grab your attention. Now wouldn't it have been funny if the guy with the small blue sign went out and changed the other one. heehee

One wanted to make sure his crafty side was on display
One guy wants to be Twp. Trustee so badly he made a sign almost as large as the county welcome sign

This is not a political sign for this November's voting, but I just had to take a pic---I have to say I was so shocked when I saw this, not because of the statement, but because of where I was---Noble County, Ohio...I'm surprised this guy doesn't have 4 flat tires. But, I say go Brad--well Brad's Dad!

Monday, November 05, 2007

Fun Filled Football Weekend…

Friday night the Johnstown Johnnies, were in the first round of high school football playoffs. The Division 5 team played against Minard (Mayberry, really) in Johnstown and I attended this event because of Ms. A and her rave about the Johnnies marching band. The small high school of Johnstown has around 550 students and over 150 students are in the marching band. Seriously! They are intense about their band. Between the band, the football players, and the cheerleaders, what students are left in the stands, oh yeah the German exchange student?

The band, cheerleaders, and football team
Photos blurred for student's protection--that or my camera was not working well--argh! This was a "dancing" marching band, I had never seen such a thing, it was a bit crazy. I don't think they stopped moving the entire time they were playing--I may have to add this to my weight lose plan.
I mean look at them, they are flexible.

She can play the clarinet and speak French!--Oh and the Johnnies won!

The Ohio State Game was Saturday. OSU played the Wisconsin Badgers. This was the last game I will get to attend this season and it was a good one. I didn’t take very many pictures, so I have few to choose from. There was too much going on, on the field that I had to pay attention. The ticket holders behind me were cracking me up, I believe the direct quote was, “I’ve never been to a game sober, this is fun, this is great. I just didn't get up early enough to start drinking until I got here.” The comment from the lady beside me to follow this statement was, “He has to be single.”

The Badger Himself!
The start of Script Ohio
Dotting the "I" Sorry about the pole, hope for better seats next season.
Boys--get ready to take the field
Nice pass Todd
Returning a punt
The final score--OSU 38-Wisconsin 17---GO BUCKS!
After the game the Wisconsin band took the field-strange, very strange-they were also a "dancing" band, but I have to ask, does the trombone sound better if the person is laying down to play?
The Wisconsin fans were into the band's after-game show--look at them do the Chicken Dance.
The weekend ended with a trip to the Wexner Center to view the William Wegman exhibit. It was ok, not very many of his dog pictures—but it was free. The exhibit continues until Dec. 30 for those interested. (Picture borrowed from website)

And now...It's Monday!

Friday, November 02, 2007

Challenge Weigh In Week 3…

*Me...0---------Total -3
*Ms. D...+1—---Total -2
*Ms. N...0—--Total -1
*Ms. M...0-----Total -3
*Mr. B...-3-------Total -6
*Ms. A...-1------Total -2
*Mr. D...+2------Total -1
*Ms. B...0------Total -1

I had a chat with a few of the challengers, not to give away their secrets to success, but apparently drinking lots of water and no soda is helping a few.

Happy FRIDAY!!!!!!

Thursday, November 01, 2007

Lunch at My Desk...

This is why, I should not be allow to eat pretzels and play on my computer during my lunch. Yeah they're random, but fun-well at least to my demented mind.