Friday, December 24, 2010

Day 24...

Thanks goodness my 24 days are coming to a close. I cooked for my family, talked with a child about her day and didn't hurt anyone at a family gathering.
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Thursday, December 23, 2010

Day 22 & Day 23...

Day 22, I did a brilliant thing, well if I say so. I made a child smile.  I mean really is there a much nicer thing.

Day 23-I made a child cry.  Ok, not really, but there have been many in our office today.  I offered a co-worker hot cocoa, she's have a not so great day. Am I not the most wonderful person ever. *sheepish grin*

Can we all give a big "Woot, Woot!" for my friend who is now a new home owner, yeah you Ms. T.

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Catch Up...

Ok, so I've been busy, lazy, something and haven't been on here.

Where did I leave off? Right Day 18, that would have been Saturday. Well, let's see, I listened to old farmer stories without groaning. I cleaned a pigs home and didn't make it into sausage. I helped put up of a Christmas Tree.

Day 19, Sunday, I went to Kroger and boy the woman in front of me in line was a royal bitch to the cashier, so I tried to make conversation with her and smile a lot while she was sliding my stuff across the scanner. I've been there, retail can suck around the holidays, people get stressed and they take it out on the wrong people. (Have I ever told you the Big Red K-Christmas Layaway story? If not, let me know I'll make you cry, laugh, and maybe pee your pants, ok, not likely pee your pants.

Day 20, Monday...hmmm Monday, well I went to work, then went home because I was coughing all over everyone. Nothing big, gone now, simply allergies, sinus stuff...good I guess my kind act was to not stay and cough all over everyone. *sheepish smile*

Day 21, thank goodness we are so close to Day 24, I'm just not a kind person I guess. Day 21, well I had a friend give me some super tasty cookies, but wait that was not a kind act I did. Hmmmm...I'm thinking. Hmmmm, I did listen to some really sad stories, but that's my job. Yikes, I may have failed yesterday in making a kind act happen. I suck, oh wait, no, I randomly emailed a person to offer assistance if they needed it...vague I know, but the details will not make sense. Yeah, I do not suck, completely.

Day 22, that's today. It's early, give me time. *grin*

Friday, December 17, 2010

The Town & Day 17...

I went to see a movie last night, I can't honestly remember the last movie I went to.  I think it might have been Get Him to the Greek, but that has been months ago.  Anyway, I had little expectations of the movie going in, I had not seen any trailers for it (it was at the dollar movie, so they would have been awhile ago), I had not heard any reviews either.  It was actually very good.  Ben was buff and HOT! This just added a nice bonus to it.  The plot was simple, but kept my attention.  At one point, I was so into the movie, I almost jumped out of my skin with my friend tapped me on the shoulder to tell me something. I give The Town a solid B+.  Go to your dollar movie or rent it, it's worth your time, at my opinion.

Being kind can be a real challenge.  Darn it! The only kind thing I can think that I have done today was to keep my mouth shut.  I had to go to a meeting this morning, lead by the President of the College.  No worries, happy to go.  Much of the meeting was the doom and gloom that higher education in Ohio is going to experience in the next 4 years with the new governor coming on board.  There is a lot of uncertainty right now with what monies the governor will take away from education.  I didn't say a word, I simply listened, I could have screamed, "Who the hell voted for this idiot, I have yet to meet one person that will confess they did.", but I didn't, I kept my mouth firmly closed.  I think sometimes saying nothing is kind.


Thursday, December 16, 2010

More How Cold Is It, Day 15 & 16...

Missed posting yesterday. Opps, I had been so good for so long, record for me really. Yesterday however, I was in a meeting all morning, then in the afternoon I had work to do and then later in the evening I got sucked into a knitting project and simply didn't make it on the blog at all. I know you missed me, didn't ya.

So, how cold is it?

It's so cold, I drug my space heater into work and figure I'll let them pay the bill, and I'll just rush into work everyday, just for the heat. It's a win, win. *grin*

It's so cold, I sat on the toilet seat and my boobs lite up like a Christmas Tree. (TMI, well it's cold, damn it.)

I don't mind the snow, the snow can stay, but can the temps go up just a bit, maybe to the low 30's.

Day 15-I gave the presenter of the meeting a compliment. Stop-it does count.

Day 16- It's still early, so there is room for another option, but I feel I was kind, when a woman in my office stopped in for the 100th time to say you haven't decorated your office yet and I didn't thump her on the head with my space heater. I mean good grief, I've had an office for 6 days, give me a moment. I have other shit to do, also I'm not lugging crap in, in this weather.

It's Friday tomorrow!

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

How Cold Is It, Tuesday Trivia, & Day 14...

How cold is it? It's so cold it took the entire hot water tank to simply warm up the bathtub in my house so I could take a bubble bath. Usually some cool water is needed to make the temp agreeable, but not now.

How cold is it? It's so cold, even the Columbus Police Department idiots can't take the time to clean off their cars to have a clear view out their back window. (I so badly wanted to let them know what a quality example they were for their fellow citizens, but alas it would have landed me in a cold cell and I make me late for work.) (Odd how two weeks in a row I have thoughts that would land my bum in a cold cell. Hmmm.)

How cold is it? It's so cold, even set at 62 degrees, the heat in my house ran most of the night. I'm fearful to see the gas bill next month.

That's how cold it is.

Tuesday Urbana, Ohio Trivia

Urbana was one of five towns voted Best Hometown 2011 by Ohio Magazine.

In 1840 during the VanBuren-Harrison contest, downtown Urbana was the site for a national Whig convention dinner.

Urbana is the county seat for Champaign County.

Urbana was named after the town of Urbanna, Virgina. Urbanna means “City of Anne” and was named in honor of England’s Queen Anne.

Andrew Theodore "Drew" Daniel was the winner of Big Brother 5 in 2004. His hometown is Urbana, Ohio.

Joseph Vance, the 13th Governor of Ohio, was from Urbana.

The Urbana High School was designed to look like a castle from a distance.

This fact is not documented, but I believe Urbana-ians are taking over the world. I seem to meet people from Urbana all the time, it's kinda scary.

Day 14-This morning, my kind act again is keeping the Postal Service working. I sent another item in the mail to a friend. Why, well because I can and I think the person may like the item. Maybe not, I could be wrong, but well, will not be the first time.

Monday, December 13, 2010

Day 11, 12, & 13...

Day 11-Kind act-randomly pay for someone's lunch. This was a delightful act, because I didn't plan to do it, it just happened.

Day 12-Ok, so my kind act on day 12 is a bit of a stretch, but a true one. My kind act was to not interact with others. I was not feeling 100% and this was putting my in a bit of an emotional/pissy mood, so I didn't leave my house but for a quick trip to the grocery store and gas station and I didn't really talk with anyone.

Day 13- I think I'll try to personally keep the Postal System up and running. (Although, honestly, I feel they should close on Wednesday or Saturday, many a year ago, there was no Saturday delivery and although it might be an adjustment, people will complain and then adjust and it would be the new norm.) My kind act today was to send a letter in the mail, hopefully it will bring an unexpected smile to the person that will receive it.

Enjoy this frozen Monday!

Friday, December 10, 2010

IT ARGH!!!! & Day 10...

I had to change my password for my computer stuff at work today. No worries, I'll do the change. Darn it! I changed it and it broke everything. Ok, not everything and it's fixed now. However it was very annoying for a few hours there when I couldn't do anything. I finally get a home of my own and then computer issues. ARGH! Again it's fixed now, I'm getting over it, slowly.

Day 10--I used a very scientific method to determine which of your worthy causes would be donated to today. Ok, so not so scientific, but it worked ok, I guess. I wrote them all down on a piece of paper then dropped the pencil, I planned to donate to the one the pencil was pointing to. As you can see, it didn't really point to one, so I'm going with the one it was closest to. M, I'll be contacting you to find out the best way to donate my lunch money.

Thank goodness it's Friday!!!!!

Thursday, December 09, 2010

Live Video Game & Day 9

This morning while driving to work, there were several people that decided to try and cross the street where there was no sidewalk. I felt like I was in a video game and my role was to take out the humans. I really wanted to try, but figured a jail cell would be kinda cold and I really need my job, so I decided to let the idiots live. No fun, darn it.

Day 9-I will be donating my lunch money to the Mid-Ohio Foodbank. I will be adding $3 more dollars to my planned amount for those that commented. Thanks for commenting! Because you took the time to comment, tomorrow, I will use a very scientific way to choose one of the worthy causes you left in the comments to donate my lunch money to tomorrow.

If you are just reading and didn't have a chance to comment, just for fun, let me what worthy cause you would donate to if you could.

Happy Thursday! Tomorrow is FRIDAY, thanks goodness-this week it could not get here fast enough!!!!

Wednesday, December 08, 2010

New Home, 650, & Day 8...

Today I got an office. It's great to have a home to have a space where I can put my stuff and not feel like I'm invading someone else's space.

This will be my 650th post on this blog, not sure what that says, but there it is.

Day 8-I will use my lunch money today to buy a scarf and hat for a child who is in need of one. Sometimes, the simplest things make a big difference.

Tuesday, December 07, 2010

Enema, Song Birds, and Day 7...

All of the restrooms in my building have been closed today, some kind of major plumbing issue. It must have been really bad because the smell of the cleaning fluid will just about knock you on your ass as soon as you walk into the hallway. Yikes. So, I have to travel to another building to tinkle. Yes, I said tinkle, get over it. *grin* As I walked into another building, I see a young lady sitting on the floor with several books and papers spread around her by the vending machines across the hall from the ladies room. It's finals week, so it's understandable that students are making the time to study. Why they choose the locations they do often just makes me shake my head. As I'm just about to enter the ladies room I hear her say, "What about the enema?". WHAT!!??? I looked down at her thinking she had spoken to me, then I realize she is on her cell phone will reading through a textbook. Now, at this point, I carry on with my plan, but just keep running this picture through my head, I can't help but smile. I'm choosing to assume she is a health major student and the enema was part of the exam, otherwise, it's just too much.

Last night was the first night of The Sing Off on NBC. Love it! Yeah! I was amused by the name of the group Pitched Slapped. I have a feeling they were voted off, simply because they were afraid Nick would say something else on air. heeeheeee

Day 7-Today I will donate my lunch money to a worthy cause, but am choosing to keep the location to myself. I will make this donation, just as soon as I track down my checks. I wrote the last one yesterday to pay a bill and realized, crap, I have no more in my book. I don't write checks often so it's rare I run out. I'm sure I have more, I just have to find where I have stored them and put pen to paper.

Monday, December 06, 2010

Day 4, 5, and PBJ Week...

Day 4-Kind act...being nice to a senior citizen. (I really wanted to say, not killing a pig...but it seemed too much. All of you who think you want a pig because they are cute and adorable, let me tell you they poop A LOT, you have to clean their home all the time, at least once a week. Also smaller pigs, those less than 250 pounds, well really any pig, they are like a 4 year old. The 4 year old that follows you around and ask, "Why" "Whatcha Doing", etc. that 4 year old. On Saturday there was one pig that would not allow me to clean it's home in peace, now mind you it's home also included about 10 other pigs, so it was not alone. Her 4 year old behavior was to try and chew on the shovel every time I was pushing crap, literally, from one end of the home to the other to get it out of the pigs home. I understand pigs like a bit of ick to roll in, but too much ick is too much ick. Ok, I'm done, sadly real Allie comes out, so much for 24 days of Kindness.)

Day 5-Being kind to Mother Nature. I picked up trash someone left on the street. It took only a moment, but the street looked better and Mother Nature, I hope, was happier.

PBJ Week. I have decided this week, I will pack my lunch with the somewhat inexpensive Peanut Butter and Strawberry Jam sandwich. I will use my leftover "lunch money" to contribute to some worthy, in my opinion, causes.

Day 6- I will use my lunch money to buy a toy for the Toys for Tots campaign. Learn more...  Toys for Tots.

I plan to donate my lunch money to the Mid-Ohio Foodbank later this week. I will add $1 to my planned amount for each person that posts a comment with what worthy cause you would donate to if you could. You can post anonymously, but put your initials in the comment, so I know one person is not posting more than once.  You have until Thursday morning to post your comment.

Friday, December 03, 2010

More Ohio Shopping and Day 3...

Pasta, Pasta, Pasta! Rossi Pasta based out of Marietta, Ohio offers almost every kind of pasta you can imagine. The flavor selections are massive, everything from Chocolato Cabernet Tagliarni to Pumpkin Spice Fettuccini to Wild Mushroom to Southwestern Chipotle, just to name a few. They offer many stores in Ohio that carry some of the Rossi Pasta selection where you can walk in and put together a pasta gift box dream, you can order online, or you can road trip to the Rossi Pasta store in Marietta, Ohio.

For those on your list that are kings or queens of the kitchen, you will delight them with not only the pasta to make a special meal, but a new recipe to go with it. Rossi Pasta's website offers several recipe ideas, just print it off the web or add a personal touch and write it on a classic recipe card and include it with your hand selected pasta gift box.

I like a little spice, so the Southwestern Chipotle and Chicken Fettuccini sounds aaaawweeeesoooommmeee!!!! I'm going to have to take a road trip. Just read the description they have with this pasta choice. "Smoky, with a light but passionate hickory and cayenne bite, and a definite Tex-Mex influence...Recommended Accompaniments: Goes with everything Southwest: great under steaks or chili, excellent in cold pasta salads. Loves hot peppers, cheese, and margaritas." Margaritas? Sold!

Learn more... Rossi Pasta.

Day 3

Well this morning, I had no real goal for my "kind" action today.  I thought I would just let it come to me.  It did, early.  I had to go across campus to the building the main student lounge is in.  I walked in to see a few students playing table tennis.  What a good way to get out some anxious feelings about exams.  As I walked past, a mighty hit was completed from one of the students, the ball went flying.  I could have just kept walking, but instead I retrieved the ball for the players.  See being kind does not require a huge act it can be something quite simple.

Kind act done.  However, Karma seemed to feel I needed tested today.  One of my appointments this morning was VERY stretching...this is this first true stretching student I've encountered since starting my new job.  I was frustrated when the student first left the office, but now, eh-it was a blip in the day.  I say BAZINGA! because it makes me smile.

Thursday, December 02, 2010

Thursday Trivia and Day 2...

A bit of Ohio University Trivia for you this Thursday.

Did you know...

3 total students enrolled on the first day of classes.

After a hotly contested debate, switched to the quarter system in 1967. Now they are in the process of moving back to semesters for 2012.

In 1873, Margaret Boyd received her B.A. degree and became the first woman to graduate from the University.

The OU marching band began in 1923.

The name "Marching 110" originally referred to the number of band members in 1967 but the band has since expanded. The 110 now stands for the 110% effort expected of all members at all times.

In 1967, Women are eliminated from the OU Marching Band. Yep that's right we kicked them out. In 1975 they were allowed back in. Just in time to be the first marching band to perform at Carnegie Hall.

Richard Dean Anderson, actor, most known as MacGyver and many others is an alumnus of OU. Venki Ramakrishnan, Nobel Laureate in Chemistry (2009)alumnus of OU.

Ohio Bobcats football began in 1894 with an 8-0 loss to Marietta College, but didn't lose a home game from 1927 to 1937.

Day 2 of Kindness

Today I will mail a card to Holiday Mail for Heroes. The Red Cross is collecting holiday cards for the 4th year in a row. They will distribute the card to service members, their families, and veterans all over the world. If you would like to mail your own holiday card, simply address the card to

Holiday Mail for Heroes
PO Box 5456
Capitol Heights, MD 20791-5456

You can learn more about this effort Holiday Mail for Heroes.

If you want to send a card, it must be postmarked by December 10.

Wednesday, December 01, 2010

No Humbugs...

Today is December 1, it is easy to become a Humbug this time of year, especially in Ohio with the winter weather.

I have decided that to avoid this, I am going to implement 24 days of kindness. Now, I debated on how to do this. My goal is not to boost, but to encourage others to also think about what they can do, so instead of just giving you ideas, I tell you what "kind" thing I have done for the day, don't feel you need to limit yourself to just one though.

Today, I mailed a card to someone. Just because it will likely put a smile on her face when she gets it. This person is not a blog reader and will have no knowledge of my plan, which makes it more fun. Leave it to me to make being kind all about me.

Enjoy the first day of December and keep in mind your worries are your worries, but there is someone hurting or worrying about worse stuff out there. Think of others today and be kind.
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