Friday, July 22, 2011

Week In Review...
Let's see, it's been a crazy busy week so far.  I will not go into the mundane stuff, only things that may be considered semi-interesting.
Semi-interesting #1:
I had my plates run by the CPD this week.  I was stopped at a red light down town and looked out my car window to see a really nice view of the city.  I decided I needed to snap a quick photo.  The fastest camera I could get to was my the phone camera in my pocket. I powered the window down, got a whooosh of heat and humidity in my face, but push on and snapped a picture. 
As I turn back to the inside of the car to glance to see the light is still red, I also notice in my rearview mirror a CPD car.  Lovely!  I slowly put the phone down, kept a watch on the two gentlemen in the cruiser in my mirror and notice they are obviously running my plates.  Good to know there are no outstanding warrants for me, they followed for another block, then speed across three lanes of traffic to go off and do real police work.  Possible ticket situation averted.  I don't really think you can get a ticket for taking a photo out the window of a stopped car, but at this point, I don't know, they keep changing the laws on me.

My camera phone sucks and it's not even a good picture.  If you have a smart phone, how do you feel about the camera on it. I up for a new one as some point this year and am looking into one with a better camera.

Semi-interesting #2:
I applied for a new job.  It could be an fun career move for me.  Still in my same field, but at a different institution of higher education, but working in many ways with the students at my current institution. 
Getting to the interview was interesting enough.  How does one avoid sweat in Ohio in July?  If you know, please clue me in.  I am a lady-I know you are asking, really are you, but yes anatomically I am.  I do have the option of a skirt and a short sleeve suit jacket-thank goodness.  Men, I am sorry, you don't have the option to create somewhat cooler interview clothing.  My advice is only look for a new job in the cooler months, but then you may have to walk to an interview in a blizzard, which I did once and I don't recommend it. 
I did arrive early enough for the interview to slip into the ladies room and basically take a mini public restroom paper towel bath.  I cooled down as much as possible and headed to the third floor for my interview.  I had to wait about 15 minutes for the committee to arrive in a secret location, so I used the brochure next to me on the stand as a make shift fan.  I was calm, cool, and collected when the admin walked me down a flight of stairs to this secret location.  I walked into the room confident and a smile on my face.  The smile froze just a bit when I scanned the room and it never fully reach my eyes, at least I don't think.
I somewhat lost the ability to think clear for a moment.  Why you ask, panic, nerves, stubbed my toe.  No, good questions, but no.  I was taken aback by the one of the faces in the room.  It was a conference room with 6 individuals lined around the table and an empty chair for me at the head of the table.  They were prepared, they too knew the world revolves around me.  Back to the face.  It is a nice face, one I see on a Monday-Friday basis.  Oh yes ladies and gents, my boss was sitting in the room, ready to interview me for a job somewhere else.
What is one to do in this situation?  I had no freaking idea.  I had run interview questions in my head for about a week.  I had come up with brilliant ideas and answers.  I had not prepared for this.  I have never had this happen before.  I never spoken to anyone that has had this happen before.  I did what I could at the time.  I just kept going.  I kept walking into the room, introduced myself to the group, took my seat at the head of the table, and settled in to answer their questions.  I sent a small head nod to my boss in acknowledgment of her and move on.
I haven't actually spoken to her since, which is very interesting since her office is directly behind mine.  I don't fear for my current job. I do my job, I do it well most days.  It's just going to be a bit awkward until this entire job process is over, which could take a few weeks.
Semi-interesting #3:
I watched Kill the Irishman this week.  Very good mob movie.  I give it a solid B.  If you like mob movies, you will like this movie.  I also like that it is "based" on a true story.
Ok, so this was maybe not as interesting, but a true event from this week in my life.
Enjoy your weekend kids and drink lots of liquids...water is best but beer will do.

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