Friday, August 05, 2011

Long Time No Blog...
This has been a difficult week and honestly I didn't feel like doing a blog entry or really talking to anyone. 
Tuesday I facilitated a meeting that going in I expected I would be the most hated person at the end of the day.  Good to know my crystal ball is working...I'm still the most hated person in the office this morning.  Funny how trying to make recommendations of "fair and equitable", terms this office doesn't understand, created such chaos.  What makes me a bit more sad is that a few people in the office get it.  They have been the ones to come to me and apologize.  Actually apologize for the unprofessional behavior of other "teammates". One poor lady was in tears on my behalf.  No reason for them to loose sleep over it, I've lost enough this week for them.  (Thank the Fates for Lite Mocha Fraps, Iced Tea, Chai, and all other caffeinated beverages.) My problem is I care--but I'm working on that. *sigh*
Good news is, I gave away all my responsibilities.  I'm not beating my head against a brick wall if the wall is never going to give- even a little.  So, I will do my basic role in my job, pretend to be busy during down times, and keep my head down and mouth shut.  This will allow me to make an ok wage with little responsibility and I will go on a cruise in October.  Is it October yet?
I will be headed to the Dublin Irish Fest this weekend, which makes me happy.  I'm worth it and need the mental health break.
I hope your weekend is grand!

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